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30 years of failed climate predictions

We have heard it all before.  They are always wrong but call us science deniers.  Well I have news for them, pay attention:

The scientific method requires hypothesis match findings, when they don't the hypothesis needs scrutiny, and this is the driving force behind what we can empirically conclude to be that science always advances. Without this method the truth required to make planes fly and cell phone specs improve would not be reachable.

Religious faith has no empirical observation metrics, but we can find an empirical correlation between how religion manifests and the changing values of the culture and values of the time. Whichever we chose as metrics the values will always be influenced by the values of the current contemporary society.  The texts don't change, just the interpretation so it follows logically that the religious values of a century ago (or a century from now) will not be the same as now. This is widely acce…
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Conventional Wisdom Is Always Wrong, and so is conventional trivia!

Does the earth revolve around the sun? How many moons does the earth have? Find out why your answers are wrong, and you'll be surprised to know almost all conventional wisdom is wrong.

Does the earth revolve around the sun?
No, in fact the earth and sun both revolve around a common epicentre, which jiggles around as all the planets revolve around a common aggregate epicentre, dominated by the suns overwhelming mass.

The earth only has one moon.
Not true, few people know that the earth actually has a tiny second moon called Cruithne discovered in 1986

The Panel of QI react with understandable disbelief at the prospect of earths second moon.

Civilization started after the last Ice Age.
We now know that after the last Ice Age civilisation was more likely to have rebooted than started. There are many different theories and spec…

US Police Are Trained In Israel

Just a collection of articles reminding you of this so you dont act surprised when cops go "gaza" on your ass. Its to be expected. I varied the sources so you know its legit, casual research can easily confirm it.

But there is some good news:

Basically the police are being trained to subjugate a nation for its masters. Movies will always reflect them as the good guys. Thats wha…

Dīvide et imperā: How To Defeat The Most Effective Social Control Weapon In Human History

Many different empires, cultures and nations have existed in history and while the details, styles, values and aesthetics keep changing, the core structure remains unchanged. In order to benefit from social coperation and steal reward in excess of the labour and value you invest, you cannot take it by brute force for extended periods of time without facing the wrath of the crowds. The crowds need to give it to you willingly or unknowingly. There was one exception to this synopsis, the Feudal System  but there is more to that than people realise, it's a post for a later day and deserves full scrutiny and parrellels do manifest. The support of the home crowd is also needed to win wars. No army has ever been effective fighting under duress, they would assemble, arm  and immediatly turn on you.

Before the current reigning Judeo-Christian Anglo American Empire of today there were other more monolithic empires that the loosely ideologically aligned old money banking dynasties, globalis…

Trump Is The Swamp Part Two. The Elitist Mindset Of Those He Surrounds Himself With.

Part one revealed that the Rothschild dynasty now has an agent not just in the shadow government, but an actual agent in the key government position of Commerce, much as the Rockefeller clan had Kissinger in the official administration all those years ago. Having and actual "man" in the position goes well beyond the usual scope of lobby.

We also learned that Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney and others use Genie Oil to steal the oil from Syria's Golan heights and others. Trump is going out of his way to accommodate this theft, that is patently obvious.  Remember that Jacob Rothschild and his cousin Evelyn have both been pushing for the overthrow of Bashar Al Assad via their stranglehold on Qatar's foreign policy.  US policy also backs this move although I have not been able to find any evidence linking the US position to them in this regard, the closest I can come is that this facilitates I…

Climate Alarmism

I think the tide is turning regarding climate alarmism because the onset of a cooling cycle has taken the puff out of their case.
But here is a synopsis of the weak case for climate alarmism and a counter for its sensational claims

Trump Is The Swamp, So He Won't Drain Himself (Part 1)

For those of you thinking Donald Trump plays 4-D chess and is always a step ahead of everyone, allow me to paint a different picture of a draft doger obsessed by the military , who would have squandered the millions his daddy left him if not for for his powerful connections. Connections who are at war with other powerful people. Neocons and neoliberals, high up Dems and GOP are two sides of the same coin on issues of monetary and foreign policy, I don't  mean them, but rather deep state apparatus seeking to enforce US hegemony and the old money banking dynasties seeking to cast aside the USD and introduce the IMFs SDR. But that comes much later. First the backstory.

In The 1950's CIA director Allan Dulles along with David Rockerfeller established a front company for laundering CIA and Mossad black ops money. Benignly named the Mary Carter Paint Company. Due to the amounts of money involved and so as not to blow their cover, they changed their name to Resorts International in …