12 Jun 2013

4) Behind the STATISTICS

The previous post focused on data and trends relating group identities and values, but what about the real human face and consequence behind these statistics?

“Too Much Too Many” follows David Johnson's South African road trip looking at human population and consumption growth impacts.
David's love of South Africa meant he relocated from London to Cape Town in February 2007.  He's a qualified environmental / town planning lawyer and a qualified field guide (what most people call a game ranger). 

He's written on population and consumption matters for international organizations such as Africa Geographic and the Cape Times. David has also spoken about Too Much Too Many on SABC3's Expresso Show, John Maytham's 567 Cape Talk radio show and the Otherwise show on SA FM

Unlike the PEW research center and other such research organizations, he's not looking for statistics but rather meeting real people whose personal stories highlight why taboos need to be broken and why a new approach is needed with many of the topics he’s looking at. 
Population and consumption growth are impacting people, wildlife and landscapes but the links are often not seen. At the end of the road trip the project will be turned into a book. If you're concerned about human rights, or even just passionate about South Africa’s wildlife / in awe at the country’s staggering landscapes, it is a road trip for you to follow.

Be sure to get stuck in at: http://www.toomuchtoomany.co.za/

How to get involved

We need to get people talking about human impact, so please forward articles to friends who might be interested, share links on Facebook and Twitter, let's get people to join a debate.
If you're in South Africa can you suggest interesting issues local to you which might not be well-known? I'd love to hear from you especially.

If you work for an organization outside South Africa involved in the field perhaps we can collaborate.