16 Jul 2014

28) Understand why the BRICS initiative is a potential game-changer

I’m sure when the ongoing talks of the BRICS nations new world banking plans appears on the local news stations of the participating nations, the potential gravity of the initiative is not fully grasped by the participating public in the nations of Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa.  What I am sure of is how seriously the western dollar based banker controlled community, the most powerful community in the world, is taking this initiative.  The BRICS nations represent 40% of the world’s population and believe it or not they have currencies with more fundamental intrinsic value than the current standard global trade currency, the US dollar.

Make no mistake about it, the plan is a direct challenge to the World Bank and the IMF, the current powerhouses of world finance and puppets of the western banks that pull their strings.

The Dollar has had its  value propped up and subsidised by desperate US initiatives of parasitic investment, control of resources by war, the resulting fuel subsidy, exchange rate subsidy, exchange of debt via outsourcing civil infrastructure and most importantly - the fundamentally corrupt banking practices.  That value is unsustainable, even by military threat if the economic weapons are removed by a competing sphere of influence.  This initiative, along with decentralised crypto currency could be the geneses of a solution to nasty spectre cast over the developing world community by the greasy fossil fuel burning corporate dollar monsters than have the US government so deeply in their pockets.  I’t good to see the genesis of possible future solutions arriving on the horizon, but one wonders if means will not be found by endlessly resourcefully current world order to marginalise these endeavours? 

Click here for the history and structure of BRICS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRICS