21 Jul 2014

31) How does the criminal banking global empire affect South Africa?

The South African economy certainly does not exist in Isolation. Our economic fate and the strength of our currency are intimately intertwined with the US dollar and the Euro. It’s much deeper even than that due to the alignment with the practices of the US Federal Reserve and the South African Reserve bank, the two are old chums that go back almost to their mutual inception. Furthermore, most of Africa, Asia and South America have great difficulty making World Bank and IMF loan repayments due to interest rates and designer terms which often results in these Nations  exchanging the debt for civil infrastructure contracts and other positioning agreements designed to give controlling influence over an emerging counties natural wealth and resources, a practice which poses serious risk of keeping that country permanently economically enslaved.

One Political party, UBUNTU, has recognised this and made its main campaign focus for the next elections the issue of fundamental corruption entrenched in South Africa’s financial institution and has some radical ideas for reform. 

It’s good to see that society is beginning to acknowledge the problem and it's really worth taking a look at the UBUNTU website here: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/2014/05/only-banking-reform-can-save-south.html