23 Jul 2014


• IT’s most likely that Either the US/EU backed Ukraine Nazis or the PRO Russian Separatists shot down the plane
• The US Backs and funds Al Qaeda and Kiev but accepts no responsibility for their terrorist actions even against the US itself it blames Al Qaeda.
• If US/EU backed forces of Kiev shot down the plane, oh well.. what a pity…
• The plane was ordered over a war zone and ordered to drop altitude to missile range by KIEV, FACT
• Russia backs PRO Russian separatists, not terrorists, who are simply fighting not to part of a Western Puppet state, exercising basic human rights for autonomy/alignment with Russia.
• If Russian backed forces shot down the plane GET RUSSIA, SANCTIONS, BAD RUSSIA, ALL PUTINS FAULT
But, wait, they are going ahead with sanctions anyway….

Hold on, they don’t have the evidence yet you say?

That’s fine, go back and watch your TV, there’s nothing fishy going on here folks, right?