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33) Why are there so many sheeple out there?

I don't care if "Sheeple" is seen a passe term, its the most suitable.
Tell me this scenario hasn't happened to(or is) you: A friend will watch Zeitgeist, or Fahrenheit 911, or some other well researched or convincing expose of the establishment and experience ”Neo” like mini awakening for a few days but won’t go as far as drying off the goo or ripping the cable out of their heads. What I mean by this is: Usually, such people will then proceed to warn everyone that media offers a distorted, most likely malevolently crafted version of reality crafted by their corporate/government masters,  then go on to defend precisely that exact position a few weeks later, the one they warned you about  so passionately just a short while before?

I can only imagine that most peoples only source of knowledge is that same media, very people actually go as far as to independently research.  There is no interest because the sterile version of the news and much of history for that matter is not especially interesting. So, we get bored and go back to the comfort of our consumer culture opiates so well serving of the interests that facilitate the unchallenging society we inhabit.  Soon afterwards a warm and soapy picture that re-enforces our identity as civilised westerner, capitalist defender of the free and liberator of the worlds oppressed peoples by their tyrannical governments.

We don’t like thinking of ourselves as implicated in the crime of the corporate vultures that pollute the environment, exploit the poor, drive the trees and animal species to extinction, fatten the mega rich and influence the media who in turn influence our perception of reality.

These are the same people that are compelled to present the questioner, someone who does not accept the given media reason, as a conspiracy theorist.

Let’s think about that for a second.  In reality the questioner cannot be a theorist unless he has a theory, certainly not if one is just asking why conventional wisdom in news media it does not ring true. 

When did questioning become seen as crackpot, and when did being gullible become noble?

There are conspiracy nuts out there.  They go on about lizard people, illuminati of every variety and secret aliens that rule the earth with their freemason brothers.

How the hell did someone who asks questions about control over the media, a very nefarious and likely prospect, ever get lumped in with a “lizard-people” crowd like that?

I’m not entirely sure to honest, but some genius Spin Doctors out there are doing a hell of a good job to get things to this point, you kinda gotta give it to them….

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