27 Sep 2014

35) Globalisation & Anti-Semitism

By far the worst enemy of Jews that I can see is not anti-semitism as it stands on the surface but rather the cause.  It's this imperial styled Rothschilds Zionism that has laid it's blame through word association and heritage of Jewish family legacy by Mayer Amshel Rothschild (among others) onto Jews in general,  rather that taking accountability themselves.  This is done purposefully in order to hide behind the veil of anti-semitism and they have never been to cocerned about incidental harm they may do for Jewish PR because it works in their favour. The Rothschilds Dynasty developed this blueprint, peaking in the nineteenth century and diversifying and evolving with other heirs like JP Morgan and the Rockerfellers among many others into what it is today.

The US Federal Reserve Bank does not disclose it's shareholders or even allow anyone, including the US President, to be privy to their methods behind monetary policy (or the extent to which it influences other Rothschilds style Central Banks globally). It's difficult to see what strategy the banks have beyound QE (Quantitative Easing) and one could be forgiven for starting to think they are just "Rolling It" for as long as US dollar hegemony can last. These days the seat of influence is no longer carried simply by heirs carrying the names of the great families but there are still key members that are strategically critical in this global financial ponzi scheme. 

Its a biggotted myth that Jews are collectively conspiring against the world. Jews are a more diverse people than most others due to being dispersed worlwide for so long. You can be sure that the Rothschilds Zionist couldn't give a rats ass about the fate of Jews either. 

Rothschilds style Zionists are proponents of what is today called Globalisation. This association with Zionism has somehow wickedly and generically laid blame for it's actions and agenda on Jews and even capitalists in general and a strong case could be made that this has indirectly caused reaction leading to tradegies like the Holocaust and mass killings in Russia and elsewhere. Being called anti-semitic by being anti globalisation is like being called anti Germany just because you don't like Hitler.

The word "Zionism" was originally coined to explain objectives of creating a single Jewish state in Palestine by religious Jews and included the rebuilding of the temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock etc: 1AhUuhbe88DfRi14srj5VZFmb3QmuPEahy Even Religious Zionism is waning from the popularity amongst Jews. Religion may even fall to second place, behind money,  as the essential backstory to all of history. 

In the 1800's the House of Rothschild, among others, were old Jewish money influencers of Kings and countries. They took their name from the germanic translation of the "Red Sheild" crest on their original Frankfurt place of business.  By shrewd purchase of Government bonds and gold after loading the odds with insider information and sway in wars and major historical events, they were able to pioneer the sytem of boom and bust that enabled gobbling up currencies and resources with buy/sell timing that lead to unimaginable wealth and power.

In those days there really was an "Illuminati" of Freemason brotherhood pulling the puppet strings behind the charade of the worlds political stage.

These days  (mostly athiest, capitalistic) Jewish descendant heirs of that group still largely own the central banks of the world  with their new western partners and have found themselves ideologically aligned with the equally aspirational Christian Neoconservative right and Wallstreet Corporate Multinational players to form a new type of Rothschild Styled Zionism or Globalisation. 

This is not about creation of a Jewish State anymore, although if it's required to sustain support from influential Jewish American, European and Israeli quarters it will be persuaded for sure (as an alliance strategy). There can be little doubt that Islam is something none of these people really want or need around beyond having a bogeyman to blame to stoke the fires and bang the war- rhetoric terrorism drums.
Instead, as if opposite to the Zion in "The Matrix" movie series, it involves creation of a single sphere maximum global marketplace (Globalisation) for goods and services based on the Western Capitalist Economic model. In this "movie" the institution is Zion, a World Bank will be increasingly prolific

How will this play out logically?

The economic model involves printing Fiat money for nothing but the cost of paper at central banks, lending to commercial banks at interest who in turn lend to governments and people. Nation States are only necessary in so far as to manage different national identities and to bring into line rogue states that have not yet fallen in line with this maximum marketplace model.

The wealth gap will continue to increase, eroding the middle class and civil rights and liberties will fade in the interests of national security.

Consumers will replace citizens, for profit prisons and militarised police forces will work in synch with mass media owned by those same few corporate interests who weild subtle control not by instruction but by advancing the careers of journalists that tow the line.

Wars will be fought over resources, strategic advantage and installations of the central banking economic model in areas that do not have them in place. Money will always be created by fractional reserve and value based materials like gold whose values are harder to control will never back currencies.  Currencies will be stocks and traders get their info from the media, if you own the media then what you report determines the values of the shares traded (in this case the currency).

So with Fiat money if you control the central banks and the news you control money and governments.

If this Orwellian dystopia sounds far-fetched to you perhaps it's time for you to pull your head out of the sand and take a good look around?