23 Oct 2014

The real story with Israel & Palestine. Regional stabilty & globalisation platform.

Don't look at the region in isolation,  there is a larger game afoot.

Backed by US funding in order to platform the middle eastern globalisation agenda, Israel is taking over what they call Jerusalem, a huge area many, many times larger than the Jerusalem of old. This includes destruction of many Arab villages with Israeli settlers illegally being brought in.

It looks fine on a map in terms of territory, but don't be fooled. Most of what is allocated to Palestine is basically desert. And all of this is separate from what is going on with the gradual takeover of the Jordan Valley lying eastwards.

Let's be clear, Israel has no official policy of directly taking  over land, but they are pushing the same successful policy in cahoots with the USA, doing business in the same way that has been working slowly for a hundred years while they establish military zones.

The Palestinians who live there have to be displaced of course, since since we are talking about a military zone after all. Sure, this may seem to mean no normal settlements are allowed here, but pretty soon there are military settlements which, let's face it,  gradually morph into regular settlements.

This clears the local Arab population as numbers dropped from over 300k in the sixties to not much more than 50k today.  Whoever is left are living as glorified prisoners.

Remember, Israel has no intention of taking over the remaining Palestinian population. Their attitude is that it doesn't matter if they leave voluntarily or stay and die, it's all fine.

This is the reality and it will continue as long as the US funds and supports it.

Forget the two state solution, that's just a perpetual trick that will not materialise as long as the status quo persists.

Once you understand all of this the ridiculous Hamas terror tactics start to become understandle, that is they are if you understood ANC terror tactics in Apartheid South Africa. 

Personally I think Hamas terror tactics are wrong & only serve to justify Israeli/US colonisation.  Another method must be found to stop this ugly pocket of Globalisation in the world.