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What does the US get back in return for its overwhelmingly exorbitant funding of Israel?

Here are the shocking (to the US taxpayer whose benefits have disappeared for this) facts on Israels full benefits, if it is still up for a change and hasn't been removed
Everyone knows the United States is Israel's best friend. It has the most (or possibly only) Pro Israel foreign policy in the world. The US gives Israel billions of dollars in aid annually, consistently blocks UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel, and backs its military offensives publicly. But why? What's the thinking behind America going above-and-beyond for Israel while leaving its own people with flailing schools, jobs and social benefits?
Well there are 3 clear factors. Each one will get its own post from me in the coming weeks.

1) Votes? The large Jewish community resident in the US?
Its not as big as you think.

This is an interesting aspect and very misunderstood, if you have read my previous post on Globalization and Anti-Semitism you'll realize I think people oversimplify their non-mainstream view of global Geopolitics by looking for Jews under every rock and blaming Jews collectively for the ills of the world. There is simply no place for that sort of myopic bigotry for any serious or amateur political analyst.

2) Israel as the regions platform for globalization.

This is where the real meat is.

3) Pro Israel Jews and Christian Neocons in the globally guided mainstream media, old Banking Houses but more realistically paradoxically capitalist types of the old Dynasties who essentially own the Western Political machine (not a sensastionalist claim in reality), who will as gladly dispose of the used husk of America as they will of Israel, to fulfill their agenda. They and their class usually parade as some or other sort of patriots of their time.

A quick look back at the recent history, perhaps 500 years, shows how this seemingly made-for-TV or bestselling novel financial backstory to history contains all the uncomfortable truths if you ditch the texbooks and folliw the money. The devil is in the details.

Here is where the scandal and mad sounding conspiracies kick in. Much of what is claimed is true and surprisingly easy to verify.

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