13 Feb 2015

High Treason against the USA and International War Crimes.

Saddam was the hard man in the middle East, also armed by the U.S. against Iran in the Iran/Iraq war, possibly beyond that with chemical weapons, and he had the region under brutal but effective control. The U.S. is learning it the hard way, although the rise of IS, trained by the U.S. just as al Qaeda was,  facilitates their agenda so well its a tough call on if they could have/ or never wanted to have done more when ISIS first drove through the desert in their Toyota pick-ups.

 Hillary Admits US Created al-Qaeda

Donald Rumsfeld Busted in Iraq with Sadam.

The exact scope of all perpetrators in 9/11 is not conclusively know yet, but there are many unanswered questions on the event that led to the Patriot Act and later a faked assasination of boogyman Osama Bin Ladin where the body was dumped straight in the sea with no access granted to sceptical parties, and the subsequent illegal war in Iraq, and the WMD's that were not forthcoming. But all the war, arming of insurgents and rebels, coups and breeding/ funding/arming terrorists in the Middle East and Ukraine has stemmed from the high treason committed in the wake of 9/11 and whether it was being siezed by an oppertunistic regime or whether it smacks of false flag.

Brilliant Speech by Michel Chossudovsky, canadian Proffessor of economics and geopolitical officionado

The non interventionalist constitution of the founding fathers has been used as toilet paper, the NSA has eroded the right to privacy and civil liberties are being eroded faster than these war criminals are eroding the economy of the United States and the world.