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U.S. Blocks Oil-Rich Nigeria's Government From Getting Weapons & Intel Needed against Boko Haram.

Nigerians are wising up to the inconsistencies in the U.S. agenda with the oil rich nation:

Reports in the leading leading Nigerian newspaper, The Vanguard, indicated that Washington is not cooperating in the war against Boko Haram but is actually sabotaging the government.  The U.S. has refused to provide arms to Nigeria, which is reprehensable when you consider how many rebels they armed who ended up being branded terrorists BY WASHINGTON!

Now, shockingly, the U.S. has blocked a recent sale of helicopters from the State of Israel.

A casual google search reveals many such cases, like this one here from my country South Africa.

Very odd behavior indeed for a nation known to have directly armed, trained and funded Al Qaeda

                                         Hillary discusses how the US created Al Qaeda

armed Sadam

and had both direct and indirect involvement in the arming of ISIS when it armed and supported them them as their former incarnation as "Rebels fighting Assads government" and  in Libya and similarly with Boko Haram indirect action facilitated weapons finding their way into terrorist hands.

Interesting indeed, especially when you consider all US military action this century has had a puffed up terrorism pretext of some form.

After the "Save our Girls" incident Washington pledged in 2014 to enhance its aerial surveillance of Boko Haram areas of operation in the northeast and provide information about their movements and capabilities to the Jonathan government.
However, military sources in Nigeria say that the  U.S. intelligence agencies have collected data on Boko Haram but will not share it with Abuja
So far no plans have been made to offer the much hated U.S. drone execution services against Boko Haram, like the US uses to murder innocents, bystanders and whistleblowers all over the world under the pretense that  they are terrorists who are far too dangerous to tell us about (due to reasons of National Security). You would think by their own standards Boko Haram would be in the league of the other 5000 dead drone strike victims they are "protecting us from"

In Nigeria there is no direct evidence of US meddling by hiring insurgents or using covert ops like their special forces or Blackwater. There is plenty evidence of mischeif in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine and Iraq. although, once again we have an oil rich nation where a shadowy terrorist threat emerges suddenly, reported U.S. facilitation of the terrorists rise to prominence, and the US takes a path of action of most possible resistance to the incumbent regime.

I dont think that its alarmist to keep careful watch considering the appaling globalisation activity at the moment in Washington. We have 4 of the 5 warning signs of pretext to U.S. military action, I think its safe to say Nigeria and Nigerians should be vigilant.

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