13 Mar 2015

Solid Gold. The Top 5 U.S. greatest hits: Insane in the Ukraine.

Confused about the situation in Ukraine? Don't be, let this weeks top 5 hits paint the salacious picture for you.

1.) The seizure of Ukraine's national gold reserves, currently sitting in the New York Federal Reserve Bank since just days after the Maidan Coup.

Initial reports of a clandestine heist in the aftermath of Maidan could scarcely be believed at the time, but we now know them to be true.
2.)  Just after the Maiden Coup: The nomination of U.S. Vice President Joe Bidens son to the board Ukraine's largest  gas producer who is prospecting in Eastern Ukraine, where all the fighting is.
Its license covers Ukraine’s key hydrocarbon basin, Dnieper-Donets (in eastern Ukraine) and certainly offers further explanation as to why the U.S./ Ukraine would rather blow up East Ukrainian's that give them independence.

3.) "The Russians are coming".
Putin was finally granted opportunity, thanks to Germany & France, to get involved and has succeeded where others have failed to bring some type of peace to the East. John McCain still shamelessly tries to push his weapons sales to Ukraine and the U.S. sends military capacity to what they consider the crown jewel of their Eastern Front, the Russian Border.
While the Russian leader has brought a degree of peace, let's not forget the farcical and comical collection of media reports on Russian invasions that never happened.
Who could forget President Poreshenko making a complete clown of himself caught lying about Russian Invasions.

Poroshenko does not even know that Russian soldiers do not carry their IDs since they are declared with the army, The only thing IDs prove is that tho those carrying them are NOT military.

4.) "F♥©k  the EU"
Those were the words caught on tape and leaked to the media of none other than Victoria Nuland, appropriately she is a top U.S. State Department official to the E.U.
Anybody who thinks the U.S. will guide Ukraine's agenda with anything other than a particularly specific agenda suiting a few rich geopolitical heavyweights, is going to be needing something resembling religious faith to keep the illusion going, and that includes the Ukrainian people!
5.) Last but not least, the fact that Maidan was indeed a coup, arranged and financed by the U.S.
This was once widely disputed, but we now know for certain that Ukraine is the 52nd nation to have had a covert U.S. insurgency and regime change to a puppet administration friendly to U.S. interests at massive cost to local economy and peace.

By now we know the infamous "Regime Change 101" tactics used all over South America, John Perkins speaks about them at length in his book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". More recently we see them at work in Libya and Ukraine, led by Vitality Klitschko, destined surely for similar economic ruin resulting in debt control by the IMF and US influence for the foreseeable future.