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Greece For Dummies

Don't get drawn into the fictitious oversimplified scenarios that those good dogs barking for their biscuits will have you buy into.

Think, use your brain, the whole "investors just drifted into lending naughty Greece money because of mommy EUs credit card" and "Greeks are Lazy" rubbish. Also, as media forgets, the Greek people have little to do with it, being asked to pay the debt with tax and pension, and pass it onto their grandchildren is criminal.

The ECB pays its failure and debt by printing €60 Billion per month in Fed style QE, bond buying which is free money when translated from beaurocrat, more than the Greek debt:

and the IMF head calling for tax austerity PAYS NO TAX.

The IMF incidentally has made more profit from Greece just since 2010 that the Greek default instalments have bottlenecked to, around €2.5 billion.

Let's make it simple:

1) The investment shepards troika IS THE EU, they are not the saviors. They are the European Commission, European Central Bank and those bastards over at the IMF.

2) The only excuse EU finance has is that someone else screwed them and Greece, you guessed it, those lovable usual suspect financial terrorists at Goldman Sachs made massive upfront money and ran in a derivative scheme parading as a loan to gleen monumental upfront profits and pass off criminally high interest onto innocents like Greeks and lenders, they did it by principally hiding true debt figures.

3) One of few real journalists left in Mainstream Media, Joseph Stiglitz, former World Bank economist, points out how none of the money actually went to Greece but to German and French banks, amongst other things.

4) When the Globalization plot known as the EU, with its Fed style central bank in Brussels, rolled out in Europe, French banks knew that they could not make billions by competing in Germany, nor were German banks expecting to vanquish the French. They looked instead to a simpler and easier market to loan out the plentiful supply of cash they had  – the poorer, mostly southern European states that had agreed to take part in the launch of a common currency called the Euro in 1999.
The logic was clear: In the mid-1990s, national interest rates in Greece and Spain, for example, hovered around 14 percent, and at a similar level in Ireland during the 1992–1993 currency crisis. So borrowers in these countries were eager to welcome the northern bankers with seemingly unlimited supplies of cheap cash at interest rates as low as one to four percent.
5) But there is a broader game afoot, and the best article I've seen on the internet Can be found here. By Alex Andreou. Without the bigger picture, without context, there can be no understanding.

Where to from here? A less forgiving article than mine explains quite well how the rest of Europe has a similar fate to contend with:

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