11 Sep 2015

Podcast: Science, Conspiracy Theories, Vaccines, GMO's, Activism, Causes - Reconciling With Globalization

After initially resisting podcasts because they didn't seem a good fit with my personalty I've now embraced the opportunity they afford to cover a wide range of topics quickly and with stream if consciousness. And because a few people have asked me things over the last year or so that I just never got around to, and one two called me old fashioned....

I don't consider myself an activist, more a hobby journalist, or even (less glamorously) a scrapbooker.

But I have done alot of research, which must count for something. In that regard, these podcasts are not just my thoughts, they are what insights I feel Ive gained that could offer real benefit to commited activists open to this approach and open to better understanding the establishment they seek to take on.

Podcast 2) Part A (Part B to follow, apologies for audio quality in parts)

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