18 Sep 2015

The Slippery Slope: How Big Multinationals Destroy Entrepreneurs, Unions & Turn Free Market Capitalism Into Crony Capitalism (Fascism)

Its not just Monsanto's decision to put farmers and bees out of business when they decided that the globalization of agriculture would not be about feeding the world but instead about controlling the worlds food supply, right down to the very genes themselves!

Neither is it Walmarts globalized network of franchised disenfranchisement.

The entire system is structured this way, and the complex network of shareholders that own the banks and media have their clutches in most of the global retail scene nowadays.

When political leaders posture about creating entrepreneurs, its a type of victim blaming because unless they are prepared to tackle a system loaded in favour of the big players who finance their campaigns and lead their lobbying cash cows, then they really are taking the biggest dodge available.

This informative article from Sputnik explores the relationships that make the fat cats laugh in the faces of the activism boycott movements that usually fade out like a sack of wet mice.