9 Nov 2015

Exposing The South African Reserve Bank (SARB)

It's no secret that the Feds little cousin, the SARB runs financially unsound monetary policy.  Furthermore, it engages and manages the government in a corrupt and unethical way. The global bankster-owned establishment which parades as a part public shareholder owned enterprise (unlike its US counterpart) is little more than a local branch office of, let's face it, Evil Incorporated. Perhaps that's seeming at the risk of being a little dramatic but for reading purposes, drama does no harm to banking matters in the interest department. And yes, I spent ages setting up that last pun...

We'll see how well Putin and BRICS do wooing government away from this reserve bank lot, because in the end it boils down to the same crowd behind Anglo, De Beers and Lonmin and the major players who have themselves mined SA's mineral wealth AND (basically) shipped it to themselves and their holding companies.  We already know BRICS was too late for Trevor Manual.

A Manual for the dark side...

 Meanwhile I strongly urge you to read this gutting expose by former SARB director Stephen Goodsen  where he not only reveals the corrupt core of South Africa's Central Bank, but more stunning revelations on the biggest crime in the history of the country, Project Hammer, where SAs people were robbed of thousands of tons of gold to prop up Americas failing banks like Citibank, JP Morgan and and the boys, right up to 1989, with former president FW De Klerk the biggest offender, and it would not even surprise me if the murder of FWs wife was somehow related, but theres no evidence for that.

Police attempt to arrest SARB former Director turned Whistle-blower but fail.

Banknotes: Always autographed but inexpressive and passionless.

Reserve Bank Shareholders have no say or role other than as a signature to help the organisation pose as if it were an accountable pvt company.