10 Jan 2016

Preparing For The Collapse Of The Petrodollar.

Everything you need to know appears in this brilliantly structured series on the Follow The Money Site, the first in series of four articles is HERE => http://ftmdaily.com/preparing-for-the-collapse-of-the-petrodollar-system/

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts plumps out the surrounding factors of Washingtons criminality from the perspective of a highly educated and highly informed insider 

The rest of the world is mobilizing to ditch the dollar by ditching the petrodollar. http://sputniknews.com/business/20160109/1032879749/dedollarization-russian-own-oil-benchmark-futures-priced-in-rubles.html

And the preparations for the final nail in the coffin, a Yuan and a Ruble backed by gold, (which will likely see a snowballing exit from the dollar) are fast underway....

The Euro is not safe either as fellow BRICS nation India gets in on the action:

Understanding these factors is essential in understanding current events well enough to have any hope in being able to forecast trends.  It's why mainstream economics gets it so badly wrong, and why Gerald Calente gets it so very right.  His brilliant site is here => http://trendsresearch.com/trends-journal/