21 Jan 2016

The World Is In Trouble, To Protect Yourself You Need To Understand What Caused It First.

The outlook for 2016 is unfolding exactly as I said it would.  But I'm not psychic and I am also not a pedigreed expert in economics or geopolitics, at least I wasn't when I started down the rabbit-hole, I can assure of that right now.  I've been brash, provocative and arguably arrogant at times about what's in store, and I've always felt anyone who has taken the time to read up on what I have would arrive at the same conclusions.  My time and effort spent works to your advantage, if you go back and track what I've written about you can understand the process that lead me here for yourself, and for pity's sake please check out the recommended sites on the right hand side of this blog (either hover your mouse pointer over the receded tabs or click on them, depending on your OS, browser or device).  There is a treasure chest of top drawer knowledge available to anyone who is interested.  It is interest alone, not ability that stands in your way.  Look at the websites, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and do it NOW.

Where we currently stand on writing this: 21 Jan 2016


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