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Fear-mongering & Manufactured Consent For War: The ISIS Bogyman Scam.

The sort of media fear-mongering the Population of the West is used to. 

I did a broadly cast post last year establishing all kinds of random links between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, Israel and Qatar to the ISIS bogyman.
And a post linking planned pipelines to the picture to plump out motives

Further to that here is a recent documentary interviewing the people involved in the Turkish oil trade we were made to believe was the ISIS oil trade, but they are one and the same (you can soon see why Turkey shot down that Russian jet & has been so upset with Russia hammering terrorists in Syria).

Israel seems to be by far the biggest buyer

Just like Al-Qaeda were tools for establishing pretext for the "War On Terror", ISIS and the US rebels are nothing more than tools for maximizing otherwise illegitimate oil revenues and deposing regimes without the domestic heat from the same voters they think of as suckers back home. They do this by avoiding direct invasion, especially useful in an election year. These proxies are also a way for the CIA and State Department to get the regional players to pull their weight in the covert operations where they all stand to benefit rather than the US military doing all the heavy lifting.  Lately the US has been exposed as being behind quite a bit of nefarious mischief. This regional insurgency strategy with multiple shareholders in the ISIS franchise will also prevent the US from being rumbled by regional governments who are also implicated.

KRG Oil Pipeline

This business of not knowing where one group ends and another begins explains why the US kept on saying the Russians were attacking US rebels during their highly successful Syrian campaign and Russia kept saying it was fighting mainly ISIS but also any rebels resisting the Syrian Army.  It also explains how the US Toyota's and weapons kept landing so easily in ISIS hands. There is no single entity ISIS per se, at least not in the form we have come to understand it's 80% theater. ISIS has the best PR people available on planet earth in the form of the Mainstream Media who unwittingly or knowingly guarantee prime-time viewing slots as a further way of packaging and branding this admittedly grand conspiracy (although I prefer the less loaded term "corruption") in a form suitable to generate the required outrage in consumers.... or should that be citizens? 
Russia, of course, knows this but has cleverly called the bluff right through and is making a concerted effort to fight terrorism but has increasingly called out ISIS by name! Simply brilliant strategy!

And think of these terror attacks in Europe. ISIS, of course, never attacks the US or Israel, only the enemies that the US or Israel seek to depose (by some amazing stroke of good fortune) and it's very useful for the US.  It also means that ISIS must be terrible at harming their stated enemies.  ISIS famously also attacks Europe by way of the aforementioned terror attacks whenever Europe raises questions about sanctions or blindly following US foreign policy.  Again, this is very useful for US foreign policy makers and the Military Industrial Complex weapons industry.
As far as the bombers carrying out these attacks, they are always known to the authorities as terror suspects but for some reason are never arrested before they successfully pull off their widely publicized attack. This usually comes out in the wash.

The notion that these guys are running around outsmarting the high-tech spying and security establishment with such obvious red-alert tactics like carrying around ISIS flags, suicide notes, full details on PC's found in bins, vats of chemical weapons and passports always nearby, is quite frankly absurd. Even a low budget Hollywood director would be red faced at the idea of such a lousy plot.  This is clearly aimed at the swarming masses of proles and sheep.  The sort who swallow this BS.

The fact that when Russia was in Syria kicking "ISIS" butt, they were named the number one threat by the shadowy likes of Ash Carter, but they pull out and BOOM, another attack and ISIS is suddenly back to number one threat. Someone to justify all that military industrial complex spending doesn't hurt....

And of course not forgetting that Assad did not gas his own people, that was a co-operation between the Turks and the US sponsored Rebels. It's now beyond reasonable doubt. 

Even this model has been called into question if we dig deeper

But Most interesting of all is an article I've been waiting for some time for somebody to write. Someone who is on the RIGHT SIDE, the side of truth, who could go go down there, talk to all the right people and link it all together. Gordon Duff has done so.

ISIS & Rebels freely cross the Turkish Border but not the refugees they displace.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don’t exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told. The real “ISIS,” more recently identified as a Turkish, Israeli, Saudi construct is, at least in Iraq, run out of Erbil, not Mosul or Raqqah, cannot be identified, or explained. It is a ghost. Let our story begin.
In January 2014, I met with Sunni governors to discuss their views on the ISIS threat as it applied to their regional security issues. At that time ISIS was in Ramadi only, seen by a cynical but powerful few as a useful tool to leverage political reforms from the Shiite led government.
The subsequent almost magical rise of ISIS across Iraq was believed by all though it made no sense. The ISIS of January 2014 and the ISIS of September 2014 were unrelated, certainly not the same entity.
The new “ISIS” made militarily impossible simultaneous moves across Anbar, Nineveh, Salahaddin, Tamim, Dyala, Karbala, Babil, Najaf, Qadisiyyah and even Sulaymania provinces and this is in Iraq alone.
This evidenced early on that the tribally interrelated Sunni political groups, all of which had long since formed militia organizations with which I am very familiar, had suddenly become “ISIS” in Iraq but that there were other powers as well acting under the theatrical guise of ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State.
Thus, we knew from the first, and by “we,” I mean the Iraqi government, Iran, Russia and maybe even the United States, that the ISIS threat was misrepresented.
This has long been an unspoken fact that the insurgency we suspected was nothing more than an Iraqi civil war, not the rise of a mystical cult of “head choppers” with mad internet skills and lots of Hollywood backing.
If the thought has crossed your mind that ISIS isn’t what it seems to be, your suspicions may well have been justified. If you had head of conspiracy theories about ISIS, that intelligence agencies were helping it or that it isn’t quite what it seems, there is reason to believe, reason rooted in facts that you are shooting well short of the mark.
We now have reason to believe that there really is no “ISIS, not as represented by anyone, not even by conspiracy theorists. In fact, the closest anyone has come to what we are now learning about who and what they really are came out in December 2014 during the Damascus Security Conference when the American delegation headed by Colonel James Hanke and I named ISIS as only an “arm” of a global organized crime syndicate.
Deconstructing ISIS
Last week, the regional government in Erbil covering the Kurdish areas of Iraq, received a very strange and inexplicable payment of $200m from Turkey for “oil revenue shortfalls.”
However, records indicate that in accordance with Iraq’s constitution, Erbil had received its requisite 17% of Iraq’s oil revenue with consistency. Also note that the constitution of Iraq expressly prevents the Kurdish Regional Government from directly negotiation oil sales with any nation or corporate entity.
Moreover, Iraq’s massive Kirkuk oil reserves are well outside the borders of the Kurdish Regional Government’s limited control. Then, however, KRG Prime Minister Barzani announced that he was planning to annex Iraq’s major oil fields as part of a ploy to withdraw from Iraq.
Adding to this, all in one week mind you, including another $300m payment to Erbil from an oil company in the West to secure oil rights within the territory Barzani said he plays to seize.
The problem is, Barzani already seized that territory and has, since 2014, been selling the oil to Turkey. Moreover, according to a June 10, 2014 story from the Iraqi News, the government of Iraq has cited Barzani personally as having sold $119b in Kirkuk oil through Turkey and Israel and for personally pocketing the entire amount, sales from 2010 onward, an amount now believed to exceed $160 billion American dollars. That entire amount, according to the Baghdad government, cannot be found in any account.
All the while, the people of the KRG are told they are bankrupt and local services are being curtailed.
We Said Erbil Had Seized the Oil Fields, What Did We Mean?
Back in November 2015, Russian Aerospace forces attacked oil truck convoys, at places moving four abreast, near the Turkish border crossing of Zahko. Though this was announced by no one, that border crossing is not between Syria and Turkey but rather Iraq and Turkey.
The oil transported along this ground route, parallel with the Kirkuk-Ceyhan oil pipeline, brought high grade light sweet Iraqi crude oil from fields north and east of Baghdad that were very remote from any known ISIS military capability.
We were told that ISIS had conquered the oil fields and refinery facilities that the Erbil government, since 2003, had coveted and had made more than two dozen military grabs to seize, each blocked by the Baghdad government with overwhelming force, something known well in Iraq but never reported in the West.
Until the “ISIS” moves across Iraq, the ones cited as Sunni militias pretending to be ISIS and limited real ISIS activities in and around their only base of operations in Ramadi, the Baghdad government had kept strong military forces between these oil facilities and production regions and the incursions from Erbil.
Where we had assumed that ISIS had taken these areas, though militarily impossible, and had somehow been allowed to transit oil directly through Erbil controlled territory into Turkey, perhaps explaining the $200m payment, thus representing a partnership between Turkey, ISIS and the KRG, we find we had this wrong. We had underestimated the situation.
We have now realized that, in fact, the Pergmersha had taken the oil fields based on, as Barzani has stated, “Baghdad’s inability to defend them.” Moreover, Erbil’s sales of oil to Turkey, all shipped through Mosul, supposed ISIS capitol, past the new Turkish base in Iraq, and up to Zahko where Russian attacks have attenuated this activity, tell another story.
Mosul is not an ISIS capitol at all. It is the home base for an international criminal conspiracy that Erbil is a prime member of and that the Turkish forces to the North of Mosul and the Pergmersha forces who have, for years now sat only miles away to the East, are there to protect their investment, not lay siege.
Thus, when Obama announced a plan to recapture Mosul in late 2014 and to have complete control by March 2015, we now know why these plans failed to materialize. There simply is no ISIS occupation of oil fields, production facilities and the oil route to Turkey, a route which is flowing cash into the Swiss bank accounts of friends of Erdogan and Barzani.
According to the Baghdad government, this is also an oil trade shared by the state of Israel in every way.
Did the Pipeline Really Blow?
Our next question involves the mysterious pipeline explosion supposedly blocking oil from Kirkuk, held by ISIS or is it the Pergmersha, and Turkey or is it Israel?
On July 29, 2015, Turkey announced a massive explosion of the 670 mile long pipeline that had been transporting 400,000 barrels a day of oil from “ISIS controlled” regions of Iraq to Turkey and to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan. There, tankers from Exxon and British Petroleum carry this oil to world markets and no one has ever asked who gets the billions of dollars from these sales. From 2003 onward, Iraqi oil, or by estimates 40% of Iraqi oil shipped through Ceyhan, the entire production of the Kirkuk oil fields, largest known oil reserves in the world, was paid for.
In fact, there are no real figures on how much oil has left Iraq from 2003 onward with up to $1.5 t, and yes we are saying “trillion,” missing and unaccounted for. Whether talking hundreds of billions or in really serious figures, this kind of money can only not only be moved but in actuality “exist” within the network of Rothschild banks and within a global criminal organization itself beyond any nation state or “superpower.”
Let us return to why we are discussing the offending pipeline which may or may not have been destroyed back in 2015, which Turkey claims is related to their recent $200m payment to Erbil. Again, we preface with the simple fact that Erbil in no way, manner nor form has any financial rights to monies tied to the sale of Iraqi crude oil, whether trucked or “pipelined” out of Iraq.
There is no “Kurdish oil,” either within the borders of the KRG or within areas theoretically held by ISIS on behalf of Erbil or Turkey or Israel, if ISIS exists as described.
What we do know is this, there is no evidence of any kind that a pipeline was destroyed but we do have evidence that Turkey claimed down on the press in that region and has ethnically cleansed the city of Cizre, killing hundreds of civilians in a reign of terror.
Were one of a conspiratorial bent and were one to assume that some if not all or perhaps “many” of the recent bomb attacks inside Turkey are “false flag” based on the timing and victims, and we ascribe to that hypothesis, then it is also conceivable that Turkish military action, or at least part of it, is to cover a massive asset theft on behalf of a global criminal conspiracy.
Where this the case, and we believe this to be so, then Turkish actions inside Ukraine that now threaten Crimea, Turkish interest in biochemical warfare production at Tbilisi, now well established as fact, and Turkey’s recent moves in Qatar, Nigeria and Ghana take on a sinister aspect.
Were one then to look at what many deem the inevitability of Saudi collapse, the dire straits of Israel’s international standing, their damaged relationship with the US and Europe, then an impetus for possible dangerous and ill-conceived actions by Turkey endanger the region.
When one also assumes that Erdogan, through his recent behaviors, showing signs of increasingly instability and a narcissistic personality disorder of the highest level and yet observes his continued ability to bring Germany and much of the European Union to heel, normal analytical tools fail. The idea of an “unseen mover,” as hypothesized, an all-powerful criminal enterprise, a veritable hydra of bloodline, Illuminati, Bilderberg, P2, Red Circle entities, begins to take on form.
Then we return to the map, beginning with the rightist revolution in Poland, the unadmitted collapse of Ukraine, Africa in turmoil, Afghanistan and Pakistan in a dance of death, and everything in between at the edge of Armageddon, all of this with no opposing religions, no clash of civilizations, no political theories at odds, nothing but what?
There is no answer but global crime, feeding on assets, more base than empire building, no land to conquer only things to steal, people to slaughter, to burn, to debase and destroy.
Were this a battle of good against evil only one thing is missing. There is no “good.”

Some very interesting questions need to raised once this all comes out regarding all the "Terror Attacks" and possible links to false flag operations.

ISIS is turning out to be pure theater.

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