16 Mar 2016

Huge Moment, Short Post: Congratulations To Russia On The First Successful Military Operation In the Modern Era

No doubt some sort of grand deal has been made http://sputniknews.com/columnists/20160317/1036477086/us-russia-syria-bargain.html
But that is for future news to reveal.

Let's get to the heart of the matter, after cumbersome US and Soviet military operations that characterized the last 65 years or so (almost all of which involved being bogged down, being defeated or using the op as cover to occupy the targeted nation for a protracted period of time) we have witnessed something remarkable. Russia actually did what they said they would.  They moved their military into Syria on invitation from the legitimate government (others just illegally bombed in a questionable fashion), decimated ISIS and other terrorist groups, destroyed the ISIS/Turkish black market oil trade, sent a loud message to anyone with future designs on Syria, and moved out with few casualties.  It's worth noting that they have not "abandoned" Assad (he was the first to know) and are in fact leaving enough clout in key areas to secure the situation.

Take the time to reflect on this achievement, unique in modern times. This is a truly landmark moment and it proves the military can be used effectively, in a remarkably short time period.

If the situation changes, they can move back in, but they have basically succeeded despite the overwhelming & unjustified Western media suspicion,  I think it's time the MSM acknowledge that Putin has cleaned up the mess left by Western/Gulf States/Israel/Turkeys intervention, and basic decency really calls for some sort of thanks. Unless of course, defeating terrorists was not their true goal.....

If it was, they should be embarrassed that after two years trying to achieve it, Russia did it in three short months.