16 May 2016

The Biggest Irony in History. There Are Few Semites In Israel, Only In Palestine, Israel Are The Antisemites.

The Creeping Death Strategy that MSM keeps silent on is a genocide against true Semites

There are few descendants of the Israelite tribe or the Hebrews from the old testament that have been settled in Israel by the British Bankers who created the State of Israel, 
90% percent of Israeli's (and every single PM of Israel there has been) are Ashkenazi Jews from Europe and Asia, or the Russia steppes of Georgia which used to be known as Khazaria, The king of Khazaria converted the nation to Judaism in the 8th Century as a political move after finding the nation caught between the Christian and Islamic movements and wishing to remain affiliated and risk his nation being targeted by either side. The Semites from the bible days are not Khazar/Europe/Asian descendant outsiders moved to Israel from various backgrounds who happen to be of the Jewish faith (Those who were moved in after the war by the British bankers). No, the Semites are the modern day Palestinians (and a few Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians) who remained there from biblical times and are the only true Semites. 

It follows logically, and is A FACT that Antisemitism, if being used accurately, when applied in a general sense (not referring to small pockets of the population like in Israel) can only apply to treatment of the Palestinians. Since Israel is the biggest know perpetrator of human rights violations against the Palestinians it means that Israel are, in reality, the biggest Antisemitic force on the planet!

And now you know.