19 Jul 2016

If You Vote Hillary You Are Complicit In War-Crimes.

I have been saying this for years, and I'll say it again, you now have enough evidence, if you vote Hillary you are complicit in war crimes.

Here is a previous post I did on Hillary

And I highly recommend checking out the watertight case I make here (to give you a sense of how to frame this)

Clinton not only supported the coup in Libya, but she has supported the war in Syria, because they want their precious oil pipeline, she also supported the coup in Ukraine, and, Honduras.
Obama and Clinton have spread death and chaos in the Middle East, both have been worse than the grand master of chaos, war criminal George Bush in this respect. In their stubborn insistence that Assad be removed from power, which runs counter to international laws, their policies that created death and chaos in Syria, Libya, and the coup they supported in Ukraine that lead to Crimea joining with Russia, (which they blame Russia for) . . . all of this has lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of non-American lives, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of non-American refugees . . . . . which leads to the real question, why is it that the lives of non-Americans are so cheap to Obama and Clinton?
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Says Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Approved Sending Sarin Gas To Syrian Rebels
This is a link to the UN's report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. I would challenge anyone to find the place in the report that concludes that it was Assad who used the chemical weapons. The truth is, that while the UN concludes that chemical weapons were used, there is nothing whatsoever that states that it was Assad who used them. http://www.un.org/zh/focus/northafrica/cwinvestigation.pdf
The Clinton - Kissinger connection - the Connoisseur of Chaos - She loves him.
Clinton’s Charity Ties With Oligarchs Behind Ukrainian Coup Revealed
Clinton Bull Shit Story . . . So there were 795 emails in 2011 pile, and only 67 emails in the 2012 pile. 67 / 795 = .084 . . . . So 2012, when the year of the attack, only about 8% as many emails appear than the number of emails in 2011 . . . . Not credible at all . . . . . Clearly she had to have deleted a hell of a lot of them? Where the fuck are all her 2012 emails? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJqzD5Cq6V4