26 Aug 2016

A Bad Week For The Empire

Well the month of August appears to be ending as badly as it started for the Empire.  Their meddling in the Turkish state of affairs has blown up badly in their face as Turkey defects and jumps ship.  The Brash Erdogan, in typical fashion, struts his stuff without delay by launching a military assault in Syria, this time in line with what Putin and Assad hope to achieve, rather than what the US hopes to achieve (as evidenced by the mad US diplomatic scramble and PR emergency rush job they are pulling by backing Turkeys assault on the US's own Kurdish partners). It seems the US influence in the region is destined to wane even further.

If you have any doubts about the seemingly paradoxical links to the YPG in Syria and Peshmerga in Iraq with Daesh/ISIS then read my article here which should clarify things for you:

Things are not always what they seem....

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew got cancelled suspiciously soon after pointing out Hillary Clinton's health issues:
And Hillary herself has now not only been found to be lying under oath, committing perjury and a whole host of other serious offences that would have seen herthrown promptly in jail if she were not so untouchable, but now she has been shown to have actively tried to hamper the process to cover her own ass:

While this all goes on domestically in the US, back in the Middle East it seems like every day more and more evidence emerges to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that all the illegal gas attacks that have gone on in Aleppo lately have been committed by US backed rebels:
Just as the original attacks in Ghouta,m the source of all the Anti-Assad propaganda, are now known also to be the work of US backed rebels:

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen.