29 Aug 2016

Hillary Clinton's Wonderful Foreign Affairs Record as Secretary Of State

Image Courtesy www.motherjones.com
Haiti, Yemen, Libya, Honduras, Ukraine, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan. Has there ever been a nation that has actually IMPROVED after Hitlary's meddling?  Has there ever been a war she has not backed? Doubtful.  When Hillary Clinton goes on about "experience" she should keep her mouth shut rather than bring up her abysmal track record.... Except that's what conventional wisdom would have you believe.  Why would the establishment back somebody with such a disastrous past unless what is reported as a failure is not actually the precise result intended?

That's right, Hillary meant to destroy all those nations, or at least choose chaos over the previous leadership, that was her true mandate, and that's why her backers want more of same.  That's how it works.  It can never be openly discussed without fessing up to the real agenda which would never be tolerated in terms of public approval.  This is why everything she does is chalked up to being a "blunder".

US Uncut does a sterling job of tracking her record as Secretary Of State here: