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Precisely How Do The Banksters Financially Enslave Us?

What almost nobody realizes is that we actually live in an age of untold prosperity and wealth, where technology and specialization should see us all, even those in the third world live lives filled with abundance.  The whole reason that I write this blog is precisely because I understand this, which explains my frustration with the current state of affairs.  Most people do not appreciate this and don't understand that capitalism in it's current for has been outdated for a very long time. In addition all sorts of corruption has entered the system robbing us of many hundreds of percent of the real wealth we should all be enjoying.  If more of us understood this there would be revolution by morning.  Let me explain the principle means of control and plunder because it's this that is central to every single problem facing the world today.

Here is a cynical translator:

Do we already have the solutions? Yes.  Are they implemented? No, of course not, there are too many powerful interests standing in the way who do not want to give up their privileged positions even if it means austerity, poverty, illness and war.  All of this can be easily changed and that is what makes the very existence of the establishment in it's current form such a crime.  Establishment apologists (primarily in economics and politics) who are highly educated but unable to think rationally due to their indoctrination, have become very attached to the illusion of conventional wisdom by their identity and perceived values as defined by society.  That society is, however, much more influenced by special interest groups than they naively or insidiously realize.My principle means of getting to the heart of any issue is to look at at a problem, find out who stands to benefit and viola, 9 times out of 10 you will find your perpetrator.  Usually that perpetrator makes sizable political contributions and lobbies extensively.  They usually have "foundations" and are involved with "philanthropy" and "think-tanks".  These people are most concentrated in media ownership and ownership of the worlds private and state financial institutions have a dynastic legacy of family involvement in such spheres.  A casual look back at human history, war and taking a long, hard look at ourselves in the mirror to get real with acceptance of our nature will bring us face to face with a stark truth.  Money, power and control are what define our legacy as human beings, yet our history books tell flights of fancy where nationalism, religion and ideals have been the drivers of our age.

We have progressed in some ways, but in many ways we have actually become very culturally vapid, mentally dull and dumbed down but with more tech-toys to hide behind. If I were forced to generalize I don't think too much resistance would be met if I put it out there that pretty much all we care about is sport, reality TV, labels and the like. I am no less full of shit than anyone else and writing about what I write about  gives me no exemption. If I were offered enough money chances are I may do exactly the same as the banksters do, I'll never know until I'm in that position so I include myself in the criticism as should anyone reading this.  It helps to judge the perpetrators less which helps to look instead to their where their interests lie to better understand their motives. This in turn allows for less attachment to views and more openness to reality. 

But lets try to link our personal shortcomings to the shortcomings of the establishment and talk about mass (as well as individual) denial.  Since I mentioned judging, let me be hypocritical and suggest that perhaps the more materialistic and spiritually bankrupt apologists will (and do) see such view as conspiracy minded, but the joke is on them for they reveal nothing more that their own inability to see the wood for the trees.  These romantic idealists see us as the idealists because they fundamentally have no grasp of the issue. They provide robust debate on all manner of related topics which never impress me very much and are not able to see themselves through the eyes of someone who fully understands their angles and sees the limitations of paradigm on their thought and understands why these limitations produce the honest impression that the truth (whether presented as sterile and neutral or with the appropriate venom) is a paranoid perspective which they can't take seriously. Other barriers tend to social status, culture/ethnicity or perhaps personal wealth.  These factors themselves are not the cause, but any individuals who succeed in a particular system, whether Nazi, Roman or Capitalist, will tend to defend that system.  This is understandable perhaps, at least, this is apparently our nature, crafted by Darwinian Natural Selection, but we do not aspire to build a society on the law of the jungle (or so we claim), we claim to have values and morals and we call this being civilized.  Well I've got news for you, we are in major denial right now.  I understand this and I'm always looking for new ways to get around this barrier, just as other will have to be tasked with bypassing area's where I am in denial. I certain level of understanding makes denial VERY difficult, and that appeals to me for some or other reason which I can't work out fully. That's actually one of the reasons why I'm writing this particular overview, to put a few things together linking banksterism, poverty and war.

In case you have any doubts, a casual read of my six part series focusing on the two key dynasties, the Rockefeller clan and the Rothschild's family. I wrote it to reveal the financial backstory to all of history, Read it and you will gain an instant appreciation for what I've written above.

All Wars Are Banker Wars:

Better still, view this extensive and far reaching documentary covering much of the same material.  Don't let Bill Stills dated style dissuade you, it's an excellent body of work, one of the most important films ever made.

The Money Masters

With the above in mind you may have a sense of how I almost fell of my chair when Lord Jacob Rothschild, part of the dynasty responsible for getting usury, crony capitalism and insider trading down to a fine art, basically confirmed everything I have been writing about for years, as if his legacy has nothing to do with it!

Don't pay any attention to the apologist who gets his info from establishment media.  They probably don't even understand who owns their sources, they break the first rule of enquiry, don't be naive, start by being inclined to cynicism (don't be afraid of confirmation bias in the beginning before looking at the reverse angle later) and if the need be then disprove that angle through research.  
The worlds central banks are not publicly controlled, they simply have public shareholders, BIG difference. The US Federal Reserve, the vipers nest itself, is completely held by a shadowy web of seemingly villainous backroom monarchs who influence the globe through the Bank of International settlements and the IMF, and more specifically the Fed through their control of the commercial banks and constantly talking up interest rate hikes rather than revealing the truth, that are doomed to cut rates until 0% or even go negative. 
Yup, the conspiracy theorists may get the owner ship technicalities wrong, but in essence they are spot on. The old money banksters control it all through a complex web of shareholder arrangements and offshore investment strategies.

Please also have a look at my post on fiat currency creation (not really money as I state in the title for effect)

Further to this get a hold of how private banks and loans are parasites to the developing world through issuance of bonds, we all do it, I will use my own country, South Africa as eg:

Central bank independence is the main problem here.  They sell it as a good thing but it's the root of all evil. One of the all time great switch and bait con-jobs was removing accountability of the central banks and the bragging about it, using the spin term "independence"

This article frames the issue nicely:

 State controlled money would wipe out the majority of national sovereign debt incurred by deficit spending (bond buying) but that will never happen, because any nation seeking to do this will soon find itself the target of the bankster empire and their wars.  Only North Korea currently hold out without a privately owned central bank, but we will see how long they tolerate that.

Bankers always fund both sides of the war:

Please take the time to visit the links in the context they are delivered and reconcile the narrative of the talking head economists on Bloomberg and elsewhere with your own common-sense conclusions.  You will give up any cause you currently champion because you will understand that all your efforts will always be in vain because thos that seek to maintain the status quo have evolved the establishment to systematically eradicate every threat that challenges it over a very long period of time.

There is only one problem, one cause, the bankers at the very top of the food chain, remove them and we can start looking at solutions!

A Short Cartoon making a fantastic point

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