13 Aug 2016

There Is A New Sheriff In Town

After the disaster of the US involvement in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc all did not bode well for the region.  The US called "oops" on each occasion but the clip from years ago by decorated general Wesley Clarke, among many others, tells a different tale. A tale of a coordinated and specific assault to dominate the strategically important oil region.  But they made a crucial mistake, one that is destined to be their undoing.

Quite simply they under-estimated Vladimir Putin.  They underestimated him and it has cost them dearly. Not only have their above-mentioned plans in Syria (Assad must go) been singularly undone, but their allies Saudi Arabia have been decimated in Yemen, their Afghan effort is in tatters, their NATO ally Turkey (after a failed US coup in the country) is now firmly in Russia's pocked and their Ukraine coup was a disaster while Putin's Crimea prospers like never before.

But how?  How did the best funded and most feared intelligence community fail so dismally?  To be honest I don't know.  All I know is that I have been tracking Putin's glowing CV for some time, and it is spectacular to say the least.  Spectacular in a time where the West is waging all sorts of sabotage against the emerging superpower that the Russian Federation has become.


The US looks to "Blame Putin" for everything from the DNC leaks to Donald Trump, but what they are really saying is that despite the gamesmanship, Putin is doing everything right and somehow still beating the US who do everything wrong just to gain advantage.   He has proven you can do the right thing and win, and this is a very important message to be sending in this new modern time.  In a cynical age this gives great energy to an emerging revolutionary class, one looking to unseat the empire of chaos from their throne of blood and steal their crown of thorns.  I, for one, am a fan.