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How The South African Reserve Bank Steals From Your Children & Grandchildren

SARB Steals more than the ANC could ever hope to
This article is about how the SARB steals prosperity from us and our children, and transfers wealth from the common people, the taxpayers, to the global fat-cat elites (of which the ANC only get nickles & dimes and are far down the chain) but in essence this method is used in all countries because the central bankers have control over the whole global currency system and use similar methods everywhere.

Before reading this I suggest checking out my earlier articles on the SARB and money creation:

Governments can never repay the national debt, this is by design, and must always pay for civil and other services by DEFICIT SPENDING (meaning borrowing the money from private banks like the SARB)  If the government could simply issue it's own currency, there would be no national debt, but because we (or our government on our behalf) borrows from private banksters, a NATIONAL DEBT is created and the majority of all our tax we pay every month goes to servicing this national debt and paying the banksters.  Lets be clear on that, our tax pays the banks. Because money is borrowed at interest there is never enough to service the debt and money must always be borrowed for this purpose. This is done by issuing treasury bonds sold to the "Primary Dealers" (International bankster cabal like the usual suspect Rothschilds & Rockerfellers as well as JP Morgan Deutsche Bank, Investec & Citi) as well as SA's big four banks who are also owned in part by the banksters who own the SARB by a similar system of shareholder arrangements that evolved over time by mergers and acquisitions.

The Bonds are auctioned off every second Friday in South Africa:

And there are a few scant reports in the media about certain aspects of this corruption, but poor understanding of a public primed to focus on other issues by the media means no real interest in the most important issue facing all of us everyday, the hidden theft of most of our money.

These primary dealers make a "Secondary Market" (IE make further profit off us by privileged of mandate of first creating money with interest to turn us into debt slaves servicing our national debt with tax, then selling the bonds at profit in a secondary market.

Once this happens the bonds insure all debt by the future taxation of a nations children to service the interest for the international banksters. That's why Government Bonds are such secure investments, they are guaranteed by taxation of the public. We are the surety, our blood sweat and tears insure their profit.  Because of technology, the inflation (hidden taxation and savings destroyer) that is eroding our standard of living, compensates for the productivity deficit that builds, but one salary is no longer enough and soon we will have to co-habitat because we will not be able to have families afford their own homes as money loses it's purchasing power.

This will never stop until WE TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY like adults and jail these criminals instead of voting them into office as our leaders and bankers.

This would all stop if we had real money, a store of VALUE instead of fiat currency which is created from DEBT.  Fiat currency and Keynesian chicanery is how the banksters pull the wool over our eyes and my next article will explain why REAL MONEY will put a stop to this nonsense.

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