19 Sep 2016

They Went Too Far

Trillions spent on military intel produce mistake after mistake

The recent airstrikes the US (and the "Coalition Of The Killing") made against the Syrian army are indefensible. They have gone too far because nobody believes this could possibly be another mistake by those who posses the worlds best military intelligence. Another mistake that supports ISIS and other terrorists, another mistake that supports the mantra "Assad must go", their one true goal.

They have gone to far because even the MSM is struggling to do damage control over this one, and with recent polls showing the declining public trust in the MSM (especially after the US election coverage) they seem just a tad less eager to lie to quite the same extent:

Regular readers of this blog will be used to seemingly outrageous claims I make being vindicated after the passage of time, from Libya to the Ukraine Coup, and now regarding ISIS.  I have long been providing in depth insight into exactly how the Western/Gulf Coalition backs, arms and funds not just terrorist rebel groups, but ISIS as well.  If you take the time to read right to the end of this previous post of mine you will have your "Ahaa" moment.

And now the media and the diplomats on the Russian side (who have all along known the truth but waited for an obvious act such as yesterdays)  are becoming a little less afraid of saying what I have been saying all along: Washington is behind ISIS. They formed them and they support them.

This position is supported by SouthFront, the premier source of military and strategic intel analysis:

Regarding the pro-Western media, I eagerly await their deconstruction of events to see how they deal with this hot potato.

Regarding the pro-Moscow, the below is an episode of Crosstalk.  It is the flagship program of RT International which packages the Russian case very well in a Western friendly format.  In the past it already had a viewpoint that is critical of US action but has always stopped short of going that one step further, of accusing Washington of deliberate action instead of constant errors.  This episode represents to me what a critical milestone we have just reached because of a subtle change in perspective of a few very important angles raised (more in the first half of the show)

  • They finally seriously entertain the possibility that Washington is behind Daesh/ISIS but then pull back.
  • They realize that Rothschild/Israel Schill, Ashton Carter of the Pentagon, runs military action and, in fact, Obama and Kerry have no real power.
  • They accept that there will be no change of policy and that no negotiating is possible with Washington, which more than anything else is irreparably fragmented.

This all goes to demonstrate my case, which follows from the title of this post.  The Anglo American Zionist Globalists are desperate, they have gone too far, their actions have become too difficult to defend (even at times for MSM).  In Addition the globalized central bank ponzi scheme that funds the war effort is coming apart at the seams and political disunity characterizes the West both in Europe and the US.  It follows logically that their action will become more provocative.  Now is the time to keep your ear to the ground, shit is getting real.