3 Sep 2016

Why Blaming Alternative Media and Russia Is An Act Of Desperation For The Clinton Camp

As I pointed out in my earlier post on censorship, Google and Facebook are tight with the Bilderberg crew, the US neoliberals and Israel, not with Russia.

People in the west are turning to new media because they too have seen the disasters of endless, immoral, illegal, costly and pointless wars. They have seen the fact that globalism is about making life for corporations easier, not about making life for individuals more connected and just. They have seen the fact that their governments which call themselves the most forthright and honest in the world, are actually doing the same kinds of corrupt deals that they accuse governments in distant lands of doing.
The policies of perpetual war, surrendering one’s country to globalism, and reliance on double standards to hide corruption at home, are all things that official Russian policy has pointed out and rebuked.
It is therefore only natural for many in the West to look at Russia’s record and say, ‘They mostly got it right where the West almost entirely got it wrong’.  Like Russians after the 1990s, people in the west too want to ‘question more’. The only difference is where Russia’s new, young political classes had no outward hostility to new media, in the West the opposite is true.
Read the article from The Duran below: