13 Oct 2016

State Capture VS State Capture

The Latest Capture by the Gupta's is a fart in the wind against the banksters

Amid all the talk lately in the SA media about the Gupta's and State Capture (all valid mind you) it's sometimes easy to forget that the Gupta's are rank amateurs in the art, we are already in the midst of a state capture going back more than a century.  A State Capture happened in South Africa, just as it happened in the US and elsewhere, when the nations central banks were made unaccountable to voters.  This meant that no matter which party rules, whoever is elected, the central banks cannot be voted in or out and they will remain in power lending to the nation state at interest for no other reason other than the mandate they have to print the nations money supply.  They will always work with a finance minister who bank-affiliated  and compliant National Treasury. The nation will therefore always remain at fiscal deficits and known bankster agencies such as Moody's will always make lending even more expensive on each downgrade ,earning ever more interest for the banksters printing that same money out of thin air (in the form of Treasury Bonds guaranteed by taxation placing the nations children on the hook as debt surety). They then simply "lend" that currency (not money - this is important) simply and lending to the state. the risk is moot since they create the money from nothing there is essentially no risk to think of.

The commercial banks issue the balance of the nations currency from debt issued to consumers, out of thin air, and charge interest on that too as if it were loaned out from a capital or assets account, which it is not.  Real money is not Fiat currency debt created out of thin air, real money (like gold and silver) is a store of value and can only be loaned out from real reserves, justifying interest for risk.  This could become as much a Banks VS Gupta's issue as with either of them VS the State and the people.

Money VS Currency




The banksters will always have (de facto) agents just like Pravin Gordhan who own shares in the banks and have a conflict of interest between the banks and the nation, they have since Trevor Manual and before.


This is for certain no reason to resist the State Capture the Gupta's are engaged in currently, it's simply a call to remember that for every cent the Gupta's steal, the bankers steal a Rand. The Nations national debt payments mostly go to servicing debt,at interest, lending from private bankers that create money from nothing, something the state could just as easily do for itself interest free, this is why we cannot afford movements like #FeesMustFall, something the ANC promised voters more than a decade ago!


So next time we get up in arms about the Gupta's, keep at it, it's great we are finally learning, but ask yourself why you suddenly care?

Watch This!

The above clip from Mike Maloney, episode four in his excellent "Hidden Secrets Money" series (Watch them all!) puts in a better way than I have yet seen it explained, it's essential viewing.