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Alternatives to group think and consensus reality

I'm offering up these resources as one potentially of the most liberating experiences a person can go through.  Few people engage with and debate issues as widely on all corners of the Internet as I do,  and since I've had the same discussions over and over,  I've also heard the counterpoints over and over,  so I've been able to identify a type of sheparding of thought,  "groupthink" if you will,  and very often it manifests in people who  are actuality free thinkers. 
How can this be?  These people,  for the most part use the Internet,  many have grown up with it.  We trust it because it never lies about sports scores,  song lyrics or how fat Kim Kardashians ass is these days.  But there is one bottleneck I've identified as the source of all the misplaced trust that is associated with this freedom of information when it comes to manufacturing consent in areas where powerful political and economic interests have a stake.  So-called "fluid"  facts.  The type of thing you don't need to lie outright about but can spin to controll a narrative.
It's Google.  It's even become synonymous for "search"  to just "Google it" I know that Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Instagram have their issues,  but in my experience all of these still offer diversity experience to some extent,  whereas Google,  particularly in the last few years,  has been marshaling a sanitized and monolithic narrative to point where I've now noticed that particular groupthink signature manifesting itself it the patterns and progressions of rational in discussion and debate in important issues. 
I can't tell you how insidious this is and how much harm it could potentially do.  It goes beyond affecting the outcome of elections etc,  it speaks to affecting who we are as a species.  Imagine a nation of zombies believing itself a society of enlightened free thinkers?  It's evident very much in the polarization of the left/right Partisan divide happening now in society.  Google is the chief architect of "Divide &  Conquer,  Divide &  Rule"  In the world today.

Before implementing solutions download Tor Browser for the dark web and alleged anonymity although there is evidence that there are still backdoors to intelligence agencies and even funding,  but only if you are a big time kingpin in a crime syndicate.  You will at least have firewall tools and escape advertising profiling.
Or Orford in the Google Play Store or Apples Tor equivalent. 

Don't abandon Google altogether,  (I still check out CNN and GOOGLE to keep a sense of what I'm required to think,  and what many may think.  It helps me understand  why.
An alternative is Start Page which is enhanced by Google,  giving the same sanitized results but with your privacy completely protected.

Don't bother with Bing etc,  they aren't much better than Google in sanitized quotient,  but the search quality is very advertising centered which also has shades of big brother. Duck duck go is marginally better.

Good Gopher is much better,  it has two filters,  one for Independent Media and another for Academia.  I would like to add that "academia"  is by no means any guarantee.   Science is not a vote and even scientific consensus is regularly overturned.

One site that gives a nice blend of both mainstream and independent results that also respects privacy is SearX.  It's a decent search engine.

On the cutting edge is an innovative peer to peer decentralized engine called YaCy it's a great portal worth checking out.

If you ready to make the jump and leave https altogether then do so. I think a revolution is coming so get the jump on things and check out the ipfs protocol. I'll even give you an https   starting point.

I'll leave you with one last thought in case you feel the algorithm is simply a commerce tool,  or that it's not worth getting to bothered about,  you're sure it's quite benign, check out the clip below.  Did you know Google AI is actively complicit in drone strikes?

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