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Looking for Jews under every rock

Disney and the 3 little Kosher Pigs

The idea of monolithic conspiracy where one entire group is working in unison to undermine and subvert the entire world falls short in intellectual fortitude.  Confirmation bias may have its place in detective work but when every inquiry is mounted around your innate prejudice it is nothing more than lazy and biggotted.

Nobody can accuse me of softball treatment of Israel or Zionism,  if you have then you haven't read anything I've written.  I'm well aware of religious fundamentalist thinking and it always lets down humankind.  I think the way 'Divide & Conquer'  works can just as easily be turned around with anti-semitism serving the elites rather than the prevailing thinking of an exclusively Jewish New World Order.  It's naive to the point of stupidity to think ideology makes the world go round.  That's the conspiracy thinking that betrays the peasant minded activist trapped in identity politics.  My mission is to get WE THE PEASANTS (of all persuasions)  thinking like elites.  To do that we must accept that in fact,  it's money that drives power and ambition at those levels.  Ideology tribalism is the domain of the serf,  as they believe.  I agree with them so far,  but we are changing that.

This short 2 minute cartoon beautifully outlines how dynamics can outcomes of collective consequences by many aligned factions,  not everything nefarious in meticulously planned.

So what is NWO really?  I suggest open your mind to find out. James Corbett already had a sense of this back in 2013

I draw important distinction between Zionism and Judaism,  wahabbism and Shia,  Catholic and Secular etc.  I'm also well aware of the agendas and reach of AIPAC and other subversive entities.  But I've got news for you.  It's not that simple.  Even if Israelis are politically mislead,  or biggotted,  or for that matter Americans in general about foreign policy,  it's a massive failing to not engage Jews,  Neocons,  Americans and Westerners about world affairs.  Some of best informed anti establishment thinkers and activists are Jews or even Israelis.  I'll put it to you that many of your alternatives media activist heroes are of Jewish backgrounds.  Do you really think they are all 'in on it'?

Give me a break.  People are emergent,  diverse and capable of engaging if properly approached.  It must be very difficult for a Jew to call out their Jewish heritage at times when Jewish special interests impose questionable agendas just like it has been for Americans to call BS on their foreign policy agenda,  but they do it.  I propose that the most important allies against Zionism are Jews,  and the most important allies against American Imperialism are US taxpayers.  Alienate them at your own peril.


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