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Words relating to motive are very interesting because they are not communicative when the underlying principles are associated with moral judgments and values. Unlike “Chair” or “God” their application absolutely must be deconstructed into separate principles.  The principles expose deeply attached needs to control and influence, and I suspect these principles sabotage freedom to live authentically.
Let s start with a short, sweet contentious issue.  I’m going to put forward that the notion of trustworthiness as an absolutely noble quality is highly corrupting of self awareness, and is one of the subtlest mechanisms of control parading as worthiness.
Without even getting into the political reasons why trustworthiness is afforded, we can expose the control mechanism in principle, as a fundamental fraud.
Let’s look at romantic relationships, universally relatable as part of the human condition.
Scenario 1) One partner expects a certain code of conduct to be forthcoming in order to remain par…

Setting the scene

There are rough seas ahead.  
Initially it will not be so apparent, not while I make few connections essential to make clear my intended basic premise, always open to moderation. It will also not be so apparent right now, while I establish principles that can be applied universally, and to which I can refer back to later on if a valid need to reference or challenge them arises.  

As themes develop and interconnect there will likely be increasingly provocative claims made and questions asked.  When emotions run high human beings tend to defend their statements because with the push of a button their words are suddenly cast into existence in the digital realm of cyberspace.  It’s so easy these days to put yourself out there, to put your image and reputation on the line, your public identity.  I don’t like my comments ripped apart by others especially for others to so easily witness. This will interfere with free processing of information because it invites in a sort of ego based agenda, l…


I have this crazy idea that we can solve pretty much all of our biggest problems.  I'm talking globally here, but I wouldn't exclude personal issues either.

If this is true, what the hell is stopping us?  I have a few ideas, others have different ideas.  Sometimes they clash and I want to work out exactly why that is and if it is avoidable and within the means of our biological nature and our currently defined psychology.

This blog will propose ideas that will be shaped by criticism and contribution. When enough themes have been explored, a completed body of work will emerge.  Make no mistake, boundaries will be tested, in some cases severely and there may be strong reactions.  Those reactions may even be the essential clues that I'm looking for.

The issues raised will eventually be (purposefully) highly provocative, but not provocative for the sake of provocation, I need to reasonably clear on that, and policed on that issue to be kept in line. In order to get the desired fe…