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7) What if corporations can hijack national identity? The nature of US debt and the reality of corporate empire building in the 21st century

I’d like to get stuck into the elephant in the room following my last post and my posts on Identity.I have raised the possibility of a "US agenda" without mentioning many specifics or linking claims to groups with interests, and I've given out links to sites that address the sub-issues and sites that are arguably a bit sensationalist.I've also touched on the fact that the issues governing running for office in United States are largely presented as cultural, religious and socio-economic.Media propaganda, pop-culture, human nature and perhaps a little bit of spin-doctoring entrench these factors into western society and provide means through which this culture can be well managed in a not too sinister fashion.

Regarding the heading of this post, of course the US is in Debt, but it doesn't matter if it can adjust the world and it politics or resources to fit its means.
In the colonial, pre-war and world war era’s empire building was based primarily on controlling the…

6) Conspiracy Theories

As I write this theUnited Statesis in the process of drumming up support for a Strike onSyria.  The reasoning offered is that the strike is necessary as a result of chemical weapons having been used by the Syrian government against it’s own people.  The difference between the few thousand dying by chemical warfare and the previous 90 000 dying by conventional weaponry isn't immediately apparent; perhaps the distinction will be clarified later. Before getting into this issue specifically or making comparison in the rhetoric used by George W. Bush previously in getting the support required for the invasion ofIraq(using non-existent WMD’s as his main selling point) I would prefer to take step back and look at the bigger picture.
The truth is that almost none of us understand what goes on behind closed doors in affairs governing world politics.  The issues themselves are certainly more complex and inter-related than the reasoning provided in the casual conversations I've been privy…