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The name of this blog is “Do we already have the solutions” for a reason.  My earlier posts on Identity and their link to values have shown that the solutions often lie in being able to removing barriers to reveal what we already know. Culture, identity and personal ego and indoctrination issues often lead do being emotionally aligned and  motivated to draw a line in the sand and choosing sides.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with getting behind a cause.
The vast majority of causes are non-issues.  The way society deals with the issues is the real problem, often creating two opposing sides defending their particular positions and my personal experience has shown me that many of us are indiscriminately being PRO or ANTI a particular issue.
This makes little sense of course, because the elements at play are never simple and broad decision of personal PRO or ANTI policy should ever be applied without due consideration of the context.  As obvious as this sounds, is very uncommon to enc…