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Solid Gold. The Top 5 U.S. greatest hits: Insane in the Ukraine.

Confused about the situation in Ukraine? Don't be, let this weeks top 5 hits paint the salacious picture for you.

1.) The seizure of Ukraine's national gold reserves, currently sitting in the New York Federal Reserve Bank since just days after the Maidan Coup.

Initial reports of a clandestine heist in the aftermath of Maidan could scarcely be believed at the time, but we now know them to be true.

2.)  Just after the Maiden Coup: The nomination of U.S. Vice President Joe Bidens son to the board Ukraine's largest  gas producer who is prospecting in Eastern Ukraine, where all the fighting is.
Its license covers Ukraine’s key hydrocarbon basin, Dnieper-Donets (in eastern Ukraine) a…