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Economics Of War: Gerald Calente Gets It, Why Doesn't The Establishment?

Well, the establishment does get it of course, but they don't take the knock, only the investors do.

Of course nobody has been more "right" historically than Calente, here he outlines the hammering the markets took in the last few days.

There will be rallies of course, but we move from the "recovery" narrative to volatility, and guess what's next?

Podcast: Introduction And Amateur Activism/Journalism

With so many issues and causes around I suppose it makes sense to gain understanding of the biggest picture in terms of how political will is exercised, and how power structure in global institutions is aligned with economic incentives. It makes little sense Persuing a cause without this perspective, and with social media its possible to broaden activism from the odd protest of hairy hippies and mask wearing maverick hackers to the common Joe who weilds only a keyboard and a bit of knowledge.

The basic method involves asking do we already have the solutions (dwahts)? Finding areas where social, technological or political solutions exist, and asking who stands to gain where the political will is not there to roll them out.

All music on podcasts is original or sequenced samples and available on request, composed, arranged on Flexbyte software, Groovemixer and Magix, not Licenced for commercial use.

Dont Be Surprised By Market Volatility, You Aint Seen Nothing Yet.

You have to give credit once again to Peter Schiff, like 1999 and 2007, things are starting to unfold in an eerily similar way to his predations, and most importantly, for the REASONS he predicts them.

I've been following his podcasts for years doubting the Feds allusions to raising interest rates and being correct about delay tactic. Also, casting cynical doubt about the Feds promises to end Quantititve Easing, which is also starting to appear on the cards.

It follows logically that he will, in the end, be right in the long run about precious metals...

I can think of no rationale based in reason not to heed his advice.



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