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I've researched many groups opposed to the state of affairs in the world, and I have realized that you can expect neither perfection, nor complete coherency from any of them.  Its not something you can expect from the experts either, we are all human, we all get things wrong, but some of us get most things right.

This is why Id like to single out "Anonymous" as an excellent example that a grassroots, self organizing operation can aspire to be an effective and organised force against oppression in today's world.  The group focuses on many social issues but what makes them unique is that they connect the dots, at least they do at their HQ, which does not exist...  Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Their contributors at the very least understand the issues that they each tackle separately and its all put together under a fierce brand that has its finger on the pulse of today's Zeitgeist.

Perhaps most importantly, ANONYMOUS CAN HIT BACK.  They are big g…

Setting The Record Straight On Israel.

The ridiculous Attempts by Benjamin Netanyahu to make the word "Israeli" synonymous with the word "Jew" is not as benign a gesture as it seems on the surface and its insulting and divisive to countries with Jewish communities that consider them as citizens, and its not going to win him the support he's looking for. It's a cheap stunt to garner allegiance from from the increasingly cynical international Jewish community. Nobody elected him spokesman for the world's Jews, and its people like him who consistently frustrate bloggers like me who try to get around the diversion of race, creed, religion, nationalism and culture to get to the REAL issues and motives of the decision makers. 

Noam Chomsky, son of a Ukrainian-born Ashkenazi Jew who had fled to the United States in 1913, talks frankly on on the History of Israel and Palestine

No nation state in the world that seeks to entirely avoid secular multiculturalism has a future, at least a small degree of co…

Who Owns the UK press?

UK national paper(s) Average weekly print readership NRS Website only Comscore Combined print and website (removing duplicates)
% of total Effective owner/s
Info about owner/s Political support General Election 2015 Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday   8,724,000 5,691,000 13,255,000