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The SA Reserve Bank, 67 Tons Of Rands On Pallets, The CIA Plane, The Dead Body & The Emergency Stop In Harare En Route To Durban

Dripping blood, a severed arm, & 67 tons of cash on a CIA plane
It starts out like a movie. There’s a plane. A body. And mountains of cash (67 tons of it) on pallets running the length of a wide-body cargo plane.

The MD-11 wide-body cargo jet is enroute from Munich to Durban, South Africa carrying what will later be called a “diplomatic shipment” for the South African Reserve Bank. Initial reports state the plane made either A. an emergency landing at the airport in Harare, as stated in initial reports. Or B. making a routine scheduled refueling stop, according to a press release put out three days later by the owners of the plane. Would they risk refueling if they were doing something underhanded and didnt absolutely have to?  The smart money was always on “A.” The wide-body cargo plane impounded in Harare belongs to “Western Global Airlines,” a Florida airline that is the successor to a long-time CIA subsidiary which itself is no stranger to blood dripping down the fuselage. “Western G…

Handy Globalist English Into Plain English Translator

With the vast fortunes spent by large multinationals on PR "think tanks", benevolent sounding "foundations" and advertising spin doctors (with the express purpose of sanitizing their projects/products) it's little wonder we find ourselves out in the wilderness regarding who can be trusted.  At the level of lobbied multinational interests public sentiment is critical for political potency.  Too much outrage can sabotage the slickest corporate outfit.  Consent must be manufactured at all costs.

With this in mind I would like to suggest a method that may be useful.  Use this (admittedly) cynical translator, which aims to translate corporate lingo and catchphrases into plain English but assuming the worst. This provides a scale of two extremes.  Look at the stated goal VS my worst case translated scenario, then look at the organisation in question and decide for yourself where their interests lie, and somewhere in between you will likely get a sense of where they ar…

The US Dept Of Clowns Part 2, The Department Of Excuses & PR For The Pentagon War Machine.

Image courtesy Front Page Mag

For background and part 1 see the link below for the U.S. Department Of Clowns, including some classic foot in mouth moments from John Kirby & Jen Psaki Of course, not much has changed because The US State Department continues to function as a PR Machine for the Pentagon.  This apologist department seems to have little function in the public eye concerning matters of State, and is more and more of an excuse generating unit.

A great assesment from RPI

State Dept flatly Rejects claims Obama said "No boots on the ground in Syria"

But riddle me this, how do we reconcile John Kirby's flat out denials with his president?  The whole thing is just an enigma, wrapped in a mystery....

Aug. 20, 2013 "Again, I repeat: We’re not considering…