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The Rise & Fall Of The Globalists NWO

The BrExit Fiasco is presently being digested and the pathetic whining displays exibited in the last 48 hours by the supposedly neutral mainstream media have been monumental, insulting and purile.   Most people are sick of the issue but I'm far from done with it because people don't realise what a huge victory (and how much pain we need to go through ahead) this actually is. 

The NWO crowd, the Jet and Yacht owning crowd who dine on Lobster at a table at the yearly Bilderberg meetings, these people are not used to losing.  The MSM have now, more than ever sold their souls and cemented their cause firmly behind the establishment.  In light of this now would be a good time to reflect on this monumental turning point and chart the rise and fall of the New World Order Bankster Globalists and how their globalisation scheme is finally falling apart.

Regarding normal people, liberal friends of yours who do not appreciate that you have a well researched and nuanced take on the issue, and who (unknowingly) insult you by asserting you are merely racist and/or generalising, remember it is they who  have the poor understanding of the issue and who are generalising by offering racism or xenophobia as your motivation just because that is the case (to be fair) for many of those that voted "LEAVE" so it is human nature to paint you with the same brush (if they do not know you well).

I could make a case that it is your (and my) responsibility to convince them otherwise and it's not always easy, I often fail there.  It's worth bearing in mind that these people are in a sense victims, they honestly beleive they are standing up for immigrants rights and mostly their hearts are in the right places.  In cases where they they get their info from MSM straightaway means they have no grasp of foreign policy or economic reality, only of the social climate in their particular country, and that sentiment (just like the investor sentiment in the markets) is driven by the media, so in some cases you might even find that living in the actual country has, by an astounding sweep of irony, come to mean their understanding of these two important factors is now worse (rather than better) than it can be to a neutral outsider not as targetted by local MSM propaganda and who takes the time to dig a little deeper.  In my own country, this type of local ignorance is greater than in anywhere else. South Africans have terrible govenment so we take the lazy way out and blame everything on them, so this lack of vigilance means letting the powerful international interests play with our economy at will via our reserve bank, we generally have no idea how the worlds economies and wars really work, and in the UK focussing on Xenophobia will be like South African focusing only on the ANC, but I digress, back to the topic at hand.

The early days of NWO emergence started with the Medici, but it was not until the emergance of the truely modern globalists, the banker globalists such as the Rockerfellers and the Rothschilds and their agents such as Cecil John Rohdes, that the ball really got rolling in the modern form:!/2015/10/all-wars-are-banker-wars-and-today.html

The Establishment of the United States Federal Reserve Bank by slight of hand on Jeckyl Island in 1913:!/2014/10/who-really-owns-fed.html!/2016/01/goldman-sachs-rules-world.html

Here is more chronology and the decline:

  • Nixon did his owners job by taking the US off the gold standard in the early seventies, this set the broad parameters to facilitate a fiat currency ponzi scheme, but was not in itself the cause.
  • The above allowed for real world economic laws to be abandoned in favour of central banking economic models and theory, justified by all sorts on fancy financial sorcery.
  • The US bamboozled the world by pulling off a con that allowed the petro-dollar to allow the dollar to function as a defacto parasite currency and create a war-backed new backing system.
  • In 1996 the Clinton administration destroyed remaining hope with NAFTA, but even more blatantly with their repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act, creating a terrible environment for a workers economy and essentially removing many safeties separating investment banking and banking. This almost directly resulted in the casino environment that created the "Too Big To Fail" banks.
  • While they "rolled it" the new central bankster pranksters, like Alan Greenspan at the US Fed had the short term pay offs appreciated as a new economic frontier in thinking, rather than the scam it really was. Trickle down economics, an obvious scam, was seen as the future. The wealth gap and wall street economy was now firmly entrenched as a savior in societies press and financial institutions.
  • The continued outsourcing of career jobs of the worlds largest consumer economy, the US, to China and the developing world, dangerous national debt and trade deficits where all relegated to marginal concerns instead of red flags, the destruction of union power and shocking unchecked Lobby power in congress, resulted in a bit of desperation for momentum as the money velocity dropped causing unusually lenient or risky terms in consumer debt responsibility. this was bundled off into all sorts of junk and futures derivative products which the investment institutions (now, like the new Mafia, were unrestricted by old laws) simply passed off as AAA rated. The recipe is now set for disaster but it does not happen right away.
  • The Dot-Com Bubble provided clues, but the 2008 Credit Crises drove the point home. Why?
  • Because of rising debt and fake printed money (made sound legitimate by using the term "Quantitative Easing") were seen to trump real world economic basics, monetary policy, printing money and dropping interest rates to absurd levels were incrementally tolerated, their short term quick fixes were seen as solving these problems for some mystifying reason.
  • The establishment doubled down, used taxpayer money to bail out the banks and inceased the same failed policies to solve the problem. It follows logically that what they did was insane. I think a serious case can be made for either madness, or treason. That is not an attempt to be dramatic, it's a serious statement and plain to prove.
  • The widening wealth gap meant the elite hold ever higher shares of the money. The elite are more likely to spend 5% of that money whereas if it were in the hands of the working class many would spend 100 or even 110 percent of what they earn.
  • The velocity of money is now seriously shrinking and of course this is hammering global demand.
  • Shrinking demand means less freight, less transport and a dropping oil price before production figures are even considered.
  • China, by now the worlds largest producer, is selling to the US, the worlds largest consumer losing demand at record pace. China's growth rate must taper off according to logic. Add disastrous central bank EU policy and a failing EU to the equation and.... Well I think it's quite obvious isn't it?
  • US military action, a petrodollar essential, is costing more and failing more. The tax dollars transferred from taxpayers to wealthy Military Industrial Complex shareholders rivals the wealth transfer rate of the taxpayer to financial institutions. The welfare for the rich starts as welfare for the poor, who need it, is pulled back each year. The scam term for this is Austerity and it manifests in countless morally reprehensible and economically unsound forms. It's simply not good economics apart from the moral factors.
  • The markets by now have no real relationship to the real world economy, purely in investor sentiment (guided by the media) and the price of gold has no relationship to scarcity, supply or demand (thanks mainly to the "paper position" Comex market established by the banksters).
  • A fantasy state of affairs has been created. The central banks are out of ammo. We actually have witnessed the birth of negative interest rates, once considered financial heresy. It's so bad that a war on cash has started to force people to keep their cash in banks instead of in their mattresses at home. Anyone with debt would see the principle debt reduce the longer it goes unpaid. It's actually nuts.

  • The Russian and Syrian trumping of the US in Syria, the first time the globalists campaign has failed this century and a major blow for petrodollar hegemony:!/2016/03/huge-moment-short-post-congratulations.html!/2016/02/has-nwo-just-witnessed-its-defacto.html

    The Greece fiasco:!/2015/07/greece-for-dummies.html

    The Brexit fiasco:!/2016/06/what-does-brexit-really-mean-single.html

    The value of gold will destroy fiat currency:!/2015/09/how-is-price-of-physical-gold-being.html

    Yup, the globalists are on the back foot and recent events may kick this systemic failure of the global ponzi into gear, one of these events will prove to be the first domino in the way that the collapse of Lehman Bros was in 2008. Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride, we may not even make the 2016 presidential election!

    It will be a long war not a quick battle, but for the first time I really feel like we the people are in the lead and the globalists are on the back foot!

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