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Fake News Clamps Down On Fake News

After losing its grip on its ability to manipulate the public on BrExit and the US elections, the largest fake news industry in the world, the mainstream media, is calling for a clampdown on rival fake news. The irony is in your face, just like the proverbial egg is on the face of CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, Al Jazeera, The BBC and all the other usual suspects. The message is clear: Only our fake news is acceptable.
What is “fake news”? This is the big question, because there is plenty of fake news out there, most of which is “Click-bait” designed to lure us into clicking onto platforms who want to maximize ad exposure and advertising revenues, but this is not actually a new problem and we can usually work out which are spam sites by looking at the other content on the sites. If the stories are packed with tales of alien abductions and zombies we can work it out fairly easily and we quickly learn to avoid these sites. We are not complete idiots (hopefully).
What else can be considered fake …

A Trump Victory, Another Nail In The Globalist Establishments Coffin!

Another major blow to establishment has just happened. The populists scored another victory over the elitist, the globalists, their puppets and political entrenched power. Populism is essentially pure democracy whichever way you slice it. The entire Obama presidency has just been repudiated. If the polls and the talking heads in media were to be believed, a Trump victory over the Wicked Witch of the West was nearly impossible, just as we were lead to believe similarly for #BrExit. In both cases I grew to believe it. It wasn't because I did not believe people had had enough, but rather because I thought that people would be persuaded otherwise.
The first surprise was BrExit as I wrote previously:
And now this surprise, a Trump win over Clinton. We have dodged a MAJOR bullet here. Don't get me wrong, I dislike Trump as much as anyone else but I won't be slut-shamed into being forced by the liberal N…