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Facts: How much taxpayer money has the US Govt actually pissed away?

Here is an overview of the US budget:

Right now all the talk is is on trying to find a few billion to plug the holes in the trillion dollar healthcare budget in the US. Well what if I told you EVERYONE COULD HAVE FULL COVERAGE, DENTAL AND ALL EXTRAS JUST BASED ON MONEY ALREADY SPENT FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS ALONG WITH FREE COLLEGE?!

The bank bailouts were reported on in the news, but it's been tragically misrepresented. the sheer scale and and mind boggling enormity of the crime have not actually been widely assimilated and processed. I cannot emphasize enough how epically evil this whole thing is. clear your head and keep an open mind and be objective. Think simply and fundamentally process the gravity of the forward projected total of this figure:
30 trillion dollars.

Bear in mind with proper free market capitalism the Banks should simply fail..  They are currently reaping record profits again while many of their clients who are bailing them out as we speak with their taxes, lost everything.

The housing bubble was brought on more by the the Bush Administration Housing policies than the repeal of Glass-Steagal.
Here are some more nauseating figures:

God needs money and tax breaks.
Tax Breaks for RELIGION costs $71 Billion annually

Israel is another staggering drain on the budget, even though most of the military budget is spent on Israels interests or protecting petrodollar hegemony rather than the interests of the people, figure of 10,4 million dollars PER DAY is donated to Israel instead of US healthcare or paying its deficit, Israel has compulsary FREE STATE HEALTHCARE and a budget SURPLUS thanks to the US politicians willingness to sell out Americans to instead benefit Israel! Those same politicians then throw Russia under the bus as a red herring but Russia has no lobby and Russia has no financial treason hold of extortion over US taxpayers through state capture.

What about the trillions wasted on needless wars? Look at two countries alone:

War and the Pentagon.
Last year, a Reuters article brought renewed scrutiny to the budgeting practices of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), specifically the U.S. Army, after it was revealed that the department  had “lost” $6.5 trillion in 2015 due to “wrongful budget adjustments.” Nearly half of that massive sum, $2.8 trillion, was lost in just one quarter. Reuters noted that the Army “lacked the receipts and invoices to support those numbers [the adjustments] or simply made them up” in order to “create an illusion that its books are balanced.”
Officially, the DOD has acknowledged that its financial statements for 2015 were “materially misstated.” However, this was hardly the first time the department had been caught falsifying its accounting or the first time the department had mishandledmassive sums of taxpayer money.
The cumulative effect of this mishandling of funds is the subject of a new reportauthored by Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, and Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of housing.
Their findings are shocking.
(I'll give you a clue. "Losing" means off budget black ops spending)

“Losing” the equivalent of the national debt"

The report, which examined in great detail the budgets of both the DOD and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), found that between 1998 and 2015 these two departments alone lost over $21 trillion in taxpayer funds.:

And don't think this is a thing of the past, as RT reports here there are still "fat turkey" programs like the F-35 going on now:

All of this is deficit spending, putting taxpayers grandchildren on the hook to settle loans made from the Fed  (another whole story in itself) because money is borrowed AT INTEREST!  Here is the latest:

START MAKING NOISE! It's not the poor who want something for for nothing, it's the poor donate welfare to the rich banks and Military Industrial Complex!

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