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30 years of failed climate predictions

Regarding the header cartoon, let me post some links to the papers because Google keeps removing them and young people wouldn't remember it.

And the fascinating story of the continued removal of this cold, hard fact (excuse the pun)

Internationalist Organisations like the UN and IPCC have been up their tricks for a while, their fearmongering always given a loud voice by the same globalist publications so silent on illegal wars of US regime change (far worse than any "election meddling" they cover non-stop) If the agendas of these people are not clear to you yet, I suggest pause for thought.  You probably don't even know you have been programmed.

Let's start in 1980's, in a Rothschild rag (Reuters) article referring back to th…

Conventional Wisdom Is Always Wrong, and so is conventional trivia!

Does the earth revolve around the sun? How many moons does the earth have? Find out why your answers are wrong, and you'll be surprised to know almost all conventional wisdom is wrong.

Does the earth revolve around the sun?
No, in fact the earth and sun both revolve around a common epicentre, which jiggles around as all the planets revolve around a common aggregate epicentre, dominated by the suns overwhelming mass.

The earth only has one moon.
Not true, few people know that the earth actually has a tiny second moon called Cruithne discovered in 1986

The Panel of QI react with understandable disbelief at the prospect of earths second moon.

Civilization started after the last Ice Age.
We now know that after the last Ice Age civilisation was more likely to have rebooted than started. There are many different theories and spec…

US Police Are Trained In Israel

Just a collection of articles reminding you of this so you dont act surprised when cops go "gaza" on your ass. Its to be expected. I varied the sources so you know its legit, casual research can easily confirm it.

But there is some good news:

Basically the police are being trained to subjugate a nation for its masters. Movies will always reflect them as the good guys. Thats wha…

Dīvide et imperā: How To Defeat The Most Effective Social Control Weapon In Human History

Many different empires, cultures and nations have existed in history and while the details, styles, values and aesthetics keep changing, the core structure remains unchanged.

In order to benefit from social coperation and steal reward in excess of the labour and value you invest, you cannot take it by brute force for extended periods of time without facing the wrath of the crowds. The crowds need to give it to you willingly or unknowingly. 

There was one exception to this synopsis, the Feudal System  but there is more to that than people realise, it's a post for a later day and deserves full scrutiny and parrellels do manifest. The support of the home crowd is also needed to win wars. No army has ever been effective fighting under duress, they would assemble, arm  and immediatly turn on you.

Before the reigning Judeo-Christian Anglo American Empire of today there were other more monolithic empires that the current crop of loosely ideologically aligned old money banking dynasties, …