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Dīvide et imperā: How To Defeat The Most Effective Social Control Weapon In Human History

Many different empires, cultures and nations have existed in history and while the details, styles, values and aesthetics keep changing, the core structure remains unchanged. In order to benefit from social coperation and steal reward in excess of the labour and value you invest, you cannot take it by brute  for extended periods of time without facing the wrath of the crowds. The crowds need to give it to you willingly or unknowingly. There was one exception to this synopsis, the Feudal System  but there is more to that than people realise, it's a post for a later day and deserves full scrutiny and parrellels do manifest. The support of the home crowd is also needed to win wars. No army has ever been effective fighting under duress, they would assemble, arm  and immediatly turn on you.

Before the current reigning Judeo-Christian Anglo American Empire of today there were other more monolithic empires that the loosely ideologically aligned old money banking dynasties, globalists and corporate zionists studied and modelled themselves on.  But in reality elite zionists don't really indulge in peasant persuits like Judaism, they are athiests who use it for control. Elite Neocons are not really Christians or patriots, they are just the opposite, they are traitors. Globalists dont want a global village based on peer to peer tech and decentralized cryptocurrency, they want a globalist ghetto based on centralized central bank fiat currency, debt and multinational corporate hell. They want franchises and employees not entrepreneurs and owned businesses. Real power is not elected, but is not a monarch either. There is something behind the throne that is more powerful than the king himself.

The ancients learned this the hard way, and streamlined some highly sophisticated devices to engineer society through its institutions to produce values to which that society aspires. These values are enforced by social regard and punished by social shame, more powerful than a police force enforcing laws by force. Adhering to these values could then be what is rewarded by status, praise or financial means. This effectively recognised our darwinian nature before the science was even known.

Once the values "we" stand for are institutionalised, we instantly differ from "them" and our tribal instincts are now ominously poised to be used against us. But by which methods?

Herein lies the brilliance of a legacy of ruling elites, each studying and improving on methods that were succesful for previous dynasties, with the mistakes eliminated. Since Roman times, and probably well before, the method has been to use labels and values and tribal instincts against the peasants via two channels. The Romans were essentially frauds in many ways. Merchants and Beurocrats spreading census and survey long before miltary might. At their core their elite wanted land, power and control much like the bankster cabal of today. Roman brilliance was centered around their shadowy cults who wanted power above all else. They were nothing like the enlightened ancient Greeks they saught to sell themselves as. Most of the art, engineering and philosophy attributed to the Romans was taken from various groups such as the Etruscans. They were also ultimately social engineers. The two channels that came to define their empire more than any claims of being civilized, were tactically almost perfect. Divide and rule at home and divide and conquer at the frontier.  The Mongols and Black Russians / White Russians all have fascinating sub plots. As did the Byzantine and Hun and the later controversial Khazarians and many assiciated with the ancient Babylonian "money Magic". The Sumerians were endlessly fascinating but most of these are left out of school text books or get an insulting 2 pages dedicated to their  incredable societies. This is deliberate because elites have borrowed their secrets on how to rule. Divide and rule were elements of all of those civilizations.
 Still today whether its by race, creed, custom, ethnic, religious, partisan, nationalist, red state / blue state lines they will divide us and they will get us to turn to them to protect us from ourselves. This is the essence of it. If they need to do on duck season/rabbit season lines, trust me, they WILL do it.

Bugs demonstrates how easy the system is to game

The objective is to ensure voting never effects the institutions that secure the stranglehold of the status quo on the establishment.


Let the peasants contest elections over peasant politics (nowadays identity politics)
These are:
Immigration (purposely send assimilated citizens whose parents were from barbarian tribes into Roman cities to sew civil dischord, have one party (creative license for comparisons sake,  they never had "parties") Champion pro-barbarian rights and have one tradional values party address the threat to Roman values the Barbarian ways represent. This goes on ad infinitum. Have Pagan (conservative) issues setoff against, for eg Christian (or Progressive) issues.
Taxes Have each elected party reverse what the previous party did.
Past equivalences to what later became Womens rights, minorities rights,  LGBT,  Gay Marriage, Legalising Pot, Abortion, etc these are all issues that stemmed from tribal/ cultural values, that the elites believed should obsess the peasant mind, because the peasants sense of who he is should by now be linked to whichever group he collectively identified with, and he should vote along these lines. Media must always report along these identity lines and threats to the various collectives must get regular and thourough coverage, invite community leaders to answer questions or debate preselected topics, but never to volenteer advice, on social issues. On monetary and foreign policy only ask closed questions.
The evils of prospects of conquest of nations or tribes that the empire has designs on be reported on by media, report on the brutality of their leaders or the ills of their customs, design the incidents around the regions our armies need to secure to control the resources or routes we covet.

The Establishment

The institutions have always been:
1) Money Supply (later the mint & now the central banks)
2) The religious instutions (temples, texts, then later churches etc)
3) The media
4) The educational curriculum (the indoctrination device)
5) The Military & Police
6) The Democracy. The practice of democracy was only rolled out to service the existing power structure,  not to give the illusion of choice as most people believe but as the catalyst to channelling the psycological enslavement of the masses and have them believe it to be the very source of their liberty. A masterstroke, but it can only be run at home not in the frontier and colonies because the state institutions are only by design and established at home, the colonies must be run by authoritarian means.

Nothing has changed since Roman days, the United States still has managed democracy at home and still installs dictatorships in its conquered lands contrary to its stated values, but if the institution of media is securely controlled you control the news narrative. Control todays news narrative and you control tommorows history. Control the past and you control the future. Sheer brilliance streamlined over centuries. Every exploited military nation must have an enemy. Enemies unite us against the enemy, and create unity in the population during war, and spoils for the rulers. The only cost is the blood of peasants, but being peasants all that needs be done is to enshrine dying for the cause is the ultimate honour, and not fighting for it the ultimate disgrace. Make it the core national value and entrench it via your controlled institutions and you straightaway have absolute control.

How to defeat it.

George Orwell understood how to undo perpetual enslavement, but stopped short of a formula.

The key objective: There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free, for they shall fight and die protecting their enslavement, so long long as the values of freedom (as understood by the proles) reconcile (in reality) with circumstances comensurate with control. This is double-speak in the ministry of truth. Society must financially reward enforcers, and status recognised by acheivement in enforcing and furthering these apparatus.

Spin. Success. Shame. Scorn.

There is no other way to describe the world views of MSM than as conspiracy theories. Tin foil hat wearers also sprout conspiracy theories which in their paranoid heads are everywhere. People don't  take the time to find out, and that leaves holes in their understanding, but the truth lies somewhere in between. Same with ideology of all kind. Are you socialist? Capitalist? Religious? Patriot? Partisan? As soon as you adopt a label you are finished. Once your identity is tied in with any predetermined wholesale set of beliefs your ego now requires you defend it as if it were your own personal standing. The best way to position yourself as an emergent thinker, if you value freedom of thought and objectivity and don't  want to be enslaved to an unseen hand by cool & calculated design, is to keep the seperate aspects of things you are pasionate about as stand alone principles without adopting any package deal/precontructed labels that require adopting the entire ideology. The down side is that people are used to taking sympathetic or antagonistic positions against predefined labels and will assume if you discuss one element you are in for the rest. This takes time to clarify and can be a chore but its worth it since the predefined narratives are not producing engagement that is advancing the issues, its producing teams, camps, tribes and clans. Again, this is by design. The most important device in divide and conquer method is get the peasants to identify collectively. You can't  divide unless there are tribes to divide into. Where there are no ethnic/racial/sectarian/religious divides to inflame you engineer them along partisan or ideological lines but this fails if the lines are blurred so labels are the single most important ingrediant in the divide and conquer recipe.

It is no accident that every aspect of MSM is crafted around this premise, and the issues processed through them by reductionist principles. It follows logically that it is imposible to protect yourself from this trap unless you shed these labels.

If you class yourself as any of the below my suggestion is rather engage with people based on the merits of seperate principles, not your identity label.

Partisan (team red/blue or labour or conservative or democrat etc). The most obvious and cheapest trick.

Capitalist. Isolate the free market principles you value without selling yourself a capitalist, its a wide and deadly scoped term that has a cost of judgement related to all the empire conquests rather than the Libertarian origins which were well intentioned. Never fall into the capitalist vs socialist trap,  keep the debate focused on issues not teams.

Socialist. Isolate the comunity values you believe are beneficial. There is no shame in wanting a society that takes care of its sick and old rather than all its welfare going to big banks, but there is divisive prejudice in the commie/red fear baggage. As above never succumb to socialist vs capitalist controlled narrative,  that is the trap that is set to create division on ideological lines.

Religious. Only use your religious freedom to protect your religious integrity, do not allow it to define you as a social dynamic even if it defines you personally, otherwise it will be used against you. Never VOTE on religious lines, this will result only in expoitation.

Race. The easiest thing to exploit by rulers. Use race descriptively or in cases of rights violations. Avoid groups, politics and social movements parading as pride movements and dont be guilted in defining yourself by race, your individuality is your most precious freedom, your racial identity is a descriptive reality not a stereotype prison.

Feminist. The only thing you need to change is defining yourself by a label designed to enslave you. You can still champion the same causes but without the desired divisive label.

Patriot. Never submit to blind support of nationalist causes because the elites use this label of last resort when most desperate to blackmail and shame. Rather be critical of power, hold it to account, just do so by issue not by partisan party wholesale team politiking, or you play straight back into the system and your descent will end up benefitting the systems engineers even if it hurts one political party (starting to realise how well crafted this system is?).
This unaligned resistance,  by issue not by party alignment, is the best way to service your pride in your nation, to keep it free and honest. Never do it the diservice of allowing cheap peer pressure to prevail or you risk becoming a brown-shirt thug that threatens everything you believe you stand for.

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