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Who Are The Globalists? A Straight Answer.

Its not a short answer, but expecting a quick-fix answer is what is preventing people from framing  their understanding of the issue.  With the subversion of sovereign states by globalist entities such as the EU, there has been much push-back by citizens fearing border security and loss of voice in representation. 
This in turn has resulted in the much maligned (by globalist media) populism surge and two notable setbacks at by the voice of Democracy, BrExit and Trump. Your feelings about Trump are not relevant, regardless of what they are you simply need to recognize i  principle that even if he breaks all the rest of the promise he made as candidate his win is a barometer of the social attitude. 

But who is this shadowy group?  Who they are is both well understood and poorly understood.  You need your faculties balanced and a critical take on affairs to work it out.  Prejudice will get you nowhere closer to the hit and miss information already so prevalent.

Websters advises the following definition:
Definition of globalism 
Globalism: a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influenceBut this only tells the technical side of the story. I am going to be discussing under WHOSE Influence it is desired, and it in no way involves the people under its umbrella who will for the most part find themselves suddenly the victims of feudalism if they are none the wiser. This is the point of concern and it's getting harder by the day to get reliable info. Propaganda is everywhere.That is why I put together this handy guide to help you protect yourself:

First a word in advance: Along with the interests I mentioned behind the EU, many other interests and other major groups in current and recent history have joined and left or aligned in part. . It's a fluid situation. Some perhaps have even been used or played. They  range from the first globalist influences over sovereign states, their roots go back to Phillip II of Macedonia.  Every supranational entity from the Vatican,  The Nights Templar, The Jesuits to The Great banking dynasties of Europe that financed the crown when globalization paraded as "colonization" to sanitize it.  It includes, intelligence agencies, invesment banks, credit ratings agencies, Central banks, Walmart, Unilever, Amazon, Big Oil, Telecommunications giants like MTN, Anglo, The legacy of  Rhodes and the Rothschild Family, the US Robber Barons, some royal bloodlines, the various deep state collectives who all together molded (or ideologically aligned with) even more groups such as the Wall Street corporate collectives of the internationalized marketplace. A case could be made to include Chinese and Bolshevik  Communists and Gulf monarchies. Its essential to widen our gaze, there is a broader game afoot. 
Another failing of the myopic approach is that It also collectively and indiscriminately saddles blame on the entire Jewish community which is a bigoted and the lazy way out. Jews themselves are exploited in a sense since the direct line back to the Hebrews and Israelite tribe has been shown to have disconnected for the most part and their incorporation itself is as much a psychological game on them to perpetuate the prevention of full assimilation as an internationalized community, the whole reason they were utilized.  Besides, it was absurd for Christians to not work with money, the Roman Caesars that created Christianity included these disenfranchising behaviors for a reason, they were creating a peasant religion.  If the Jews worked with the money it would be the Jews who would be corrupted by it, but it gave a few of them a lot of control, and Christians, well they got the short end of the stick.  But don't wast time on the whole "Jews run the world" myopic approach, it's very "divide and rule".  Zionists aren't even globalists much of the time, and most Zionists are now Jews, that tag has more to do with Israel, that black mark against history that the bankers themselves revived and shipped in enough Yishuv to attempt a Jewish State, the one thing that Judaism expressly forbids, but there are many Jews out there who will swear blind you can practice Judaism and support a Jewish state.  Not Surprising.  After the way the Jews were treated by the NAZI's you would think that would never be forgotten, Lebensraum, war, ghettos, Hitlers Master Race and Divine providence.  Funny how Israel copied that with Lebensraum in the Golan Heights and Gaza/West bank, Ghettos, War, and the same Chosen People spiel.  The precise NAZI playbook.  I guess they forgot. Catholics have a golden palace at the Vatican, for a religion based on a guy who was basically a hippy and a new-age socialist rolled into one.
I've heard capitalism blamed, socialism or communism. The arguments are all interesting, but all are susceptible to corruption (or what the more naive among us will deem "Conspiracy")

This is the essence of "DIVIDE & CONQUER, DIVIDE & RULE" To ultimately prevent the past harmonies sustained in brief periods of history from being sustained.  You cannot control society unless Jew and Arab, Christian and Muslim,Sunni and Shia, black and White, Republican and Democrat as well as He-man and Skeletor are all divided. This is a dynamic through which networks can be internationally built exploiting our tribal nature in that group but also fating them to perpetual persecution which is useful to those such as the Rothschild previous generations, it is unclear to what extent this approach is contrived deliberately in the current patriarchs.  Americans too have been manipulated by among other things nationalism (patriotism) into being ideologically duped into the internationalism of empire building globalists and both groups are in a sense both victims and perpetrators. 

Here is the history of the social engineering parsed out in an overview sense so as not to lose sight of the bigger picture because of all of history's details.The genesis of the great game goes back further than you think:

And here is and overview of the origins of the financial strategy which is being more purposefully implemented by design now that ever before:

Finding Information.
Google has tweaked it's algorithm to make a straight answer hard to come by, but in short at the center you have the great dynastic families of capital finance that have been centralizing power and control of  the money supply for centuries. Families like the Rothschild's of London Paris and Germany and the American Rockefeller clan.
Here are ways around Google:
Google/Alphabet arch globalist Eric Schmidt is one of the most important social engineers in history, making Mark Zuckerberg look like chimp-change during amateur hour.

Families like The Walton's of Walmart and Koch Brothers do not appear to function directly through these groups but rather through the corporate system as the link at the very bottom shows. Although the Koch brothers have recently shown their globalist hand in the recent Venezuela stand off, in true machevellian globalist style regarding the heavy crude, and have been funding through foundations like old pro's Ill wait before I include them with the dynastic globalists. The Waltons are very much interested in the globalist free trade agenda with all the shipping back from China they do since the globalists of Wall Street outsourced the US manufacturing there and elsewhere.
Examples from history or others not forming part of the core group but, nominated, allowed to rule, negotiated with or privileged by (or possibly even removed by) the above group: (I've included rival factions IE US State Apparatus Petrodollar Neocons who are destined to clash with Internationalist Purists seeking to orchestrate dollar collapse for a single currency, starting with a basket or SDR)

The internal war in the globalist factions has already begun: 
The United States Permanent State. (the Deep State)
Principally operating out of the United States with access to Pentagon, State Department and CIA resources, the permanent state, the mechanism of wielding the Washington political apparatus, International terrorism,  overthrow of governments who attempt to get their people to benefit from its own resources, the US military, lobby and media is the means of maintaining power in a democracy and of welding direction to international black ops, the narcotics trade, terrorism, false flags and regime changes.  Also known as the deep state it's the security state that exercises final watch on the first groups interests, uses the US military as it's enforcer and the CIA, Mossad and MI5 as primary global expressions. It's also present in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France,  Poland and elsewhere and usually works with local politicians, media and billionaires and has no voter or taxpayers oversight due to being such a nebulous entity to define. It's a coming together of aligned interests and the most powerful sector of all. The Neocons and warmongers spawned here make Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin look run-of-the-mill.
The worst of them are pictured below. The most underappreciated is no doubt Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Read more:

The IPCC is being primed to internationalize taxes and control sovereign Energy Policies worldwide. Complete control of funding in state and commercial science R&D is desired. Climate change, I'm afraid to say is a think tank strategy. Explore this blog and trace its origins back further the Climate bank of the Rothschild's and partners. They still drive it. The youngest Rothschild has fashioned himself into a Green Warrior of sorts. Do not succumb to his self a facing charm.
How do the coordinate?

Must Read: 

The main section, naming names and dividing them up my motivation, faction or various groupings based on my understanding of which groups work together most cohesively.

Hovering in the grey area you have operational multinationals such as the Coca Cola Company from the US and Nestle, headquartered in Switzerland with global reach, influence and penetration.  They often lobby political stooges or offer fabulous golden handshakes and political careers.  They have a variety of agendas and I am hesitant to include them with the brand of globalist that this post is about, but there is certainly some overlap in some silos of activity.
Those political stooges are another rung out, which includes many heads of state, foreign secretaries and finance ministers. Its actually most of the  brass in the - establishment of the West, the EU, NATO, the UN and other groups rising such as the climate group IPCC. Penetration also includes China and even anti-globalist Russia likely has penetration, they certainly face subversion from the globalist community and their NGO's inside Russia.  Political Stooges, like the corporate types, do not always know they are part of the globalist establishment and don't necessarily think of themselves in this light even when the defacto consequence of their activity seems to suggest it.  The truth is that many appear to be servicing one or more narrow interests who (granted) usually shamelessly  bribe them in some or other fashion.

Those driven by Ideology

Their ideological origins can can be traced back more to something pitched between a strategy, a  proper ideology and to the Darwinian nature of human beings itself more than one particular group, family or religious affinity. Don't worry, I know better than anyone the dominant role played by such dynastic families as the Rothschild family in recent history, leading to the "it's the Jews" school of thought, but this simply wrong because it does not account for major players like the Rockefeller clan who actually played a greater role in the perpetuation of internationalism under centralized control in the 20th Century than anyone else. David Rockefeller, the recently deceased patriarch probably is the defining globalist social engineer in modern history, topping even Amschel Mayer Rothschild and Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  You would need to go back to the days of the Caesars or Genghis Khan to to find someone who made more impact, much of which is still surfacing.  Cecil John Rhodes is another, along with the forgotten Lord Alfred Milner, are giants whose efforts cannot go unmentioned in the creation of the Judeo-Christian Anglo-American empire currently in decline. That composite empire is itself the partially engineered heir to the previous, with national borders meaning less than most realize in the age of globalization.

The patriarchs of the generations that spawned the current globalists.

Here are some posts explaining the true architecture of globalism and its origins

Families and Persons:

Families involved with the Federal Reserve Bank but where ownership has never been disclosed publicly or audited externally because they fall under no national legal imperative to do so:

Rothschild Dynasty, Particularly of Paris and London

The Rockefeller Clan
Lazard of Paris
The Lehman's of New York
The Warburg's of Hamburg
Israel Moses Seifs of Rome
The Kuhn Loeb's of New York


The Merovingian Bloodline going back to the Roman and Byzantine Empire
Cecil John Rohdes
The Roosevelt's
The Van Duyn Bloodline
The non-bloodline cohorts of Lord Alfred Milner
The Astor Bloodline
The Bundy Bloodline
The Collins Bloodline
The Freeman Bloodline
The Li Bloodline
The Onassis Bloodline
The DuPont Bloodline

Others some importance either recruited of appointed politically or generals servicing the agenda of the core group.

Saxe-Coburg (Windsor) and one or two other royal or blue bloods. Some of the Kennedy's The Bushes, JP Morgan The House of Saud, Benjamin Disraili ,J. Edgar Hoover, George Soros, Dick Cheney, FW De Klerk, Pik Botha (Project Hammer) Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Jacob Schiff, Benjamin Nethanyahu, Ben Gurion, Morton Klein, Pravin Ghordan, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker, Pinochet,

Oppenheimer, De Beers and The Rupert's both Vladimir Lenin and Leon Troskey, Chairman Mau, Rupert Murdoch, The Clintons, Haim Saban, The Obama's Paul Volker Tony Blair Harold V of Norway John Kerry Trevor Manual Pravin Ghordan John McCain Margaret Thatcher David Cameron Al Gore Lyndon B Johnson Mario Draghi Juan Carlos 1 of Spain Angela Merkel Jens Stoltenberg Madeline Albright Colin Powell Zbigniew Brzezinski Paul Wolfowitz  Robert Kagan Christine Lagarde Sir Winston Churchill Allan Dulles Tibor Rosenbaum Adam Weishaupt Wilbur Ross Cyril Rhamaphosa The Emir of Kuwait The Shah of Iran Donald Rumsfeld Jamie Dimon John Bolton.

Either Opposed, parallel to, aligned with incidentally or neutral:

Henry Ford
Omar Torrijos of Panama (Assassinated)
Senator Richard Black
Pol Pot
Kim Jong-Un

Nikolai CH
Governor Jesse Ventura
Charles Lindeburg 
Senator Ron Paul
Nicolae Ceausescu
The current Russian Administration
Jaime Roldos of Ecuador (Assassinated)

Examples of Royal Houses and Nobles Toppled:
The Romanov's
Bourbon Monarchy

Super or Supra Entities:

The City of London (The real financial center of the West. A bankster entity in the financial heart of London, within the UK borders it is independently Sovereign and its why the the UK kept the Pound Sterling when joining the EU allowing it to finance it's own government)
The Vatican
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, the UAE
The State of Israel.
Washington DC

Global Institutions
Being prepared for the internationalized age such as the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS) and the international Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The AIB and BRICS both collaborators and competitors since most of the globalists do not have stake or controlling influence.


National central banking, which lies at the heart of the issue historically is in the vipers nest.  But its role has changed over the years and it does not go on its own because the commercial banks are partners in the rigged bond markets and investment banks in the markets. This drags the other players so prominent on the globalism stage.
The y are the multinational corporations of  international finance, credit, insurance and investment/commercial banking and the economic hit-men as well as oil conglomerates and other interests less in the shadows, who will overtly lobby and influence politicians, but these cannot make it without tacit approval from the groups at the center who (either by financial influence or clever shareholder arrangement) steer these companies and influence their policy, success or misfortune. These range from the Federal Reserve to Barclays, Goldman Sachs, JP MorganChase Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank.

Notable policy makers and business groups and association's that fit in at various places executive the formal policy into practice, like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Atlantic Council, Project For A New American Century etc exert influence and groups like The WTO, World Trade Organization (free trade is important if you outsource a nations manufacturing to cheap labour centers because you need to ship it back to large markets.) Groups like the Carlyle Group were just plain corrupt, the HSBC Launder's dirty money and more independent groups like Open Society undermine sovereign interests and work effectively with NGOs on behalf of the other groups. 

Mainstream Media.

It is a known fact and not even disputed that intelligence agencies as well as giant multinationals have either taken some form of ownership of or embedded agents within the MSM. This speaks volumes and tells you the press is not looking out for you, but for their owners and their CIA handlers. These companies are consolidated by mergers and acquisitions under the control of the first lot. These include Time Warner, Disney, Comcast etc almost every  network, magazine or syndicated network is under them or the first group from CNN  (Ted Turner had less say than the CIA) to MSNBC  (The MS stands for MicroSoft by the way) to the NYT, WaPo, Reuters (Actually  quite widely known as a Rothschild creation), Fox (Will forever be seen as Rupert Murdoch's project), and Associated Press. Journalists for the most part are not so much "in" on it as they are handled.

There are few independents left but many Alt Media sources are trying to get over the stone wall.  Media giants have now followed the banks examples and "merger and aquisitioned" themselves down to 6 behemoths so critical at controlling the news narratives and internationalizing the PC culture through entertainment . Their open borders will one day need these PC seeds planted. Peoples uncontrolled internet and social media is rumored to be on the way out due to it shattering this narrative. There are only six main monopolies left now. Pay careful attention to who they are below in the diagram under the clip:

David Rockerfeller is rumbled when he lets the cat out of the the bag  despite his usual carefully chosen words, basically admitting to secrecy and collusion naming several MSM sources by name.

Media Monopolies: And then there were 6

Media and banking have been the leaders in working against anti trust, both seeming to want more than any other industries for concentrate control in the hands of a few.  This is no accident. Look at the US banking situation below and tell me if you think this is healthy:

Above: The globalization of banking starts with country consolidation (See USA above).

This is an international problem, that is why they are called globalists.

The Bilderberg Group is where blood is vetted when they have been fast tracked, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.
The reason Bilderberg welcomes Social media like Facebook and stalwarts Google, Microsoft, Apple with open arms is that they are more influential than anyone and they sanitize the narrative with algorithm's and censorship and will increasingly decide election outcomes. They should in many ways be considered the PR arm of the globalists.

It must be noted that there is no monolithic conspiracy as it existed in the 1700's and 1800's. The legacy of that ruling class of families may be at the core but to cover the expanse of the globe several loosely ideologically aligned groups need to cooperate. The days one "leader" perhaps gone. Not even David Rockefeller would have had absolute power in such an arrangement. In life everything is negotiable, presuming you have the leverage. One group such as Wall Street group Globalist George Soros may not be ideologically aligned with the Zionists group, and may be anti Israel even, and Soros created President Barack Obama almost overnight whereas someone from NEOCON group would be Aligned with them but not Soros or Obama. These dynamics are new in the globalist hierarchy and groups like the Bilderberg Group will mitigate and manage how these play out because ultimately they can scratch each other's back. EG Someone like Donald Trump is very anti globalist and despises Soros but Benjamin Nethanyahu (not especially interested in globalism as such, and not a practicing Jew either) is ultimately responsible to the first group and he has final control over Trump, so these can be negotiated. In the end it's them vs sovereign states, the people of the world, Decentralized Cryptocurrency, Interest free Islamic banking, open source tech and uncensored media or networks.


Here is a a somewhat scientific study done and since it was impossible getting info out of the financial press, one made it out with information I recognize as probably fairly true, which is rare,  and REAL truth is probably not possible to obtain.  Perhaps this was not impeded because it is in a science leaning publication where the usual eyes are not on them in quite the same way: 

Point of interest.  Can they be defeated? For Sure.

Enemies to have defeated the Globalists:

President Andrew Jackson of the United States

Hugo Chavez
Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran
Bashar Al Assad of Syria
Tzar Alexander l of Russia

The Feudal System or rather it's monarchy until globalists played their role in stoking the flames of discontent.
I was tempted to include Vladimir Putin, but technically he is working closely with China where another form of globalism is at work including many hedging from the current crop, its healthy compared to one power center even if its the same banksters because they will pit their influence against each other in many ways and the multi-polar power struggle is perhaps better for the man on the street.  In any case the US was becoming to great of a clear and present danger.

Above: Andrew Jackson defeated the Rothschild's and became the only US president ever to balance the budget as a result. Bashar al Assad, the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hugo Chavez all registered victories over globalists and Neocons and by the looks of things this very small and prestigious group should be growing soon.
Recommended research: DARPA, Talpiot, Western Funding in World Wars, the CIA and Al Qaeda, False Flag attacks, The ILLEGAL income tax  Passed by the IRS. The Federal Reserve Bank, IMF and BIS. The CFR. Kissinger and Rockefeller opening up China. Wall Street Outsourcing US manufacturing. Free Trade for shipping from low wage cost centers. The financializing of the US economy. Gold. Crypto-currency.

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