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Reliable collection of various REAL climate indicators!

.The above is a simplification would you believe? The true workings of the earth's climate as an entirety is something we are a long way from understanding.  I hope you are not to horrified to find out it is not, in fact, "settled science".  That statement is somewhere between hysterical and tragic and you shouldn't take such things seriously which I'm sure you won't if you value critical and independent thought which seems, likely if you are reading this blog. You only need to look HERE to see how far science in general is from being "settled", one of the most absurd utterings I have ever heard.

I've established more or less as a certainty that there is a political, internationalist push or agenda behind the AGW movement, but science itself has failed both where its bought and paid for, and in more prosaic ways.  Here is a thorough analysis of the topic by my favourite sceptic. It's an excellent video clip and essential viewing for anyone i…

The truth about World War One is finally emerging

The Internet functions as the largest open source private investigation tool in history.  At least it does so for the not so gullible.  The gullible will believe anything and the internet is a dangerous place for them.  The challenge of working out the reliable sources from less reliable takes a lot of time and many mistakes.  I was so glad to discover James Corbetts series on World War One which contains so much information that is not only well hidden but hard to believe.  I happen to have been covering alot of similar turf lately and I can tell you that James knows what he is talking about.  I don't agree with his conclusions on everything but I must say  with his WW1 assessment I do, it confirmed everything I suspected in a well evidenced way and ties in perfectly to two of my recent posts:

First, because its not always easy f…


I think my instincts when I wrote this post in December last year were quite good.
Update 16th March 2019:

For the first time in years, certainly since I began writing this blog, I can smell blood in the water.  I get information from many different places and over the years I've been able to gauge which sources provide information that is reliable and who the lame ducks are.  Some sources are great for data, others are less valuable for data but are more accessible for a blogger like me who has found that exposure is difficult with the subject matter I do and a high hit count comes from repeat views and shares rather one-off views.  Embedding links from documented archives or dot edu and dot gov links don't bring people back, but YouTube links, despite all the censorship and demonetization that goes on, still seem to be more useful to people. Video media allows us to hear tone of voice and read body language which are i…


American people buy stuff they don’t need from Chinese company with money they don’t have on US bank credit card. US Bank creates new US dollars out of thin air by creating debt for American people and giving US dollars to Chinese company.New debt stays in America while new US dollars leave America.Chinese company takes new US dollars to Chinese central bank and exchanges for Chinese RMB. Chinese central bank prints new Chinese RMB out of thin air to give to Chinese company in exchange for US dollars. Chinese central bank puts US dollars in a vault out of circulation. New US dollar’s are out of circulation, not impacting market value of existing US dollars and therefore not impacting US dollar price inflation. New Chinese RMB are in circulation, negatively impacting value of existing Chinese RMBs causing Chinese RMB price inflation to rise. US dollar value remains artificially high while Chinese RMB value declines.THE WORLD VIA THE PETRODOLLAR MUST BUY SAUDI OIL IN US DOLLARS.  THIS C…