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The Crises Of Science

An in-depth analysis of peer-reviewed papers published in the most prestigious publications has revealed that (depending on the category) the reproducibility of scientific finding ranges between 10 and 39 percent.  This is shocking. Reproducibility is a core tenant of the scientific method.  The reasons range from outright fraud to deliberately using small sample sizes measuring a large number of metrics (a guaranteed recipe for false positives).  The peer review process is also fundamentally flawed.  This explains much of the false predictions on everything from climate science and the vaccine industry to why on Monday "drinking 5 cups of coffee may lower the risk of heart disease" and on Tuesday "Coffee may increase the risk of heart disease" etc.

This report from the Corbett Report is a must watch!

Here is the follow up with ideas for solving the crises.

How The Globalists Captured the State And The Education Curriculum

What you are about to discover should rock you to your foundations, if you excuse the pun.  Anyone who has even casually read this blog is probably somewhat on my page regarding the extent of social engineering, but if you are not familiar with this topic I assure you even the most cynical of observers will find it hard not to be shocked by the limited investigation government has actually done into  trying to establish the nature and extent of influence of powerful globalist bankers in the content and tone of the United States education system, which prevails now in many parts of the neoliberal world order and extends beyond curriculum to identity politics and issues such as climate change.

In 1952 a little knownSelect Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives between 1952 and 1954.[1] The committee was originally created by House Resolution 561 during the 82nd Congress. The…

You probably suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" whether you support him or not. Here is a simple test.

When Donald J Trump was elected President I was somewhat blindsided and scrambled for information to try and work out if he was serious or not at taking on the Globalist order which he referred to as "The Swamp".  In that scramble, I heard candidate Trump say many promising things that would indicate he was serious and that I supposed that even though Sheldon Adelson was funding his campaign which meant he would fail on Israel.  He also said some worrying things regarding wasting even more taxpayer money on a military who they completely fund for the benefit of a fourway warmongering orgy (The Permanent security or "Deep State", The Pentagon, The Saudi backed Petrodollar System and Israel).  This appeared to go against saving money and fighting less (as it appeared to him) pointless wars.  Nevertheless, I recognised a significant threat to the globalist establishment that had destroyed US manufacturing outsourced to cheap labour zones (to globalist the world is zo…

So this is where we are? Fighting cow farts. We're here now...

The politics of fear

Climate Change:  I've making a big deal and possibly poking alot of fun at certain groups because of the record-breaking cold thats been so widespread lateley. Apart from one or two isolated records in Japan on single days, the only real "hottest ever" case being put forward for the last few years by the "hottest year ever" brigade is from the SE Australian summer 2018/2019. So we have one cut and dry case.
Or do we? What if we actually have nothing? What if there is no anomalous info anywhere? What if it is all normal being spun as doomsday? it is actually now near impossible to know which summer was the hottest ever summer – because of the extensive remodelling of our temperature history.  The hottest summer on record except for the ones that we’ve changed:
Climate fearmongering has smartly evolved from the effective short term fearmongering like this: https:/…

An inconvenient truth

The elephant in the room in the socialism vs capitalism debate.

We've all looked carefully at the economic problems plaguing the planet, I have tied to in this blog over the years, and my conclusion is that the solution is being sold to us, yet again, in the form of two false choices. Just like the false choice in the partisan divide with Democrat or Republican, the establisment has already mobilised the globalisation of socialism and the globalisation of capitalism and participation in either in our current model would effectively yeild control to the same globalist cabal of banksters (the more capitalist face if the cabal) or globalists (the more socialist face of the cabal). The truth is they are interchangeable.

There is no reason why an all or nothing choice must be made. We can look at each element in either system and either regulate, embrace or dispose of whatever can be determined to be good, bad or ugly.


I'm not too unhappy with the argument that Capitalism always works well builds wealth and prosperity when the pure, li…