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You probably suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" whether you support him or not. Here is a simple test.

When Donald J Trump was elected President I was somewhat blindsided and scrambled for information to try and work out if he was serious or not at taking on the Globalist order which he referred to as "The Swamp".  In that scramble, I heard candidate Trump say many promising things that would indicate he was serious and that I supposed that even though Sheldon Adelson was funding his campaign which meant he would fail on Israel.  He also said some worrying things regarding wasting even more taxpayer money on a military who they completely fund for the benefit of a fourway warmongering orgy (The Permanent security or "Deep State", The Pentagon, The Saudi backed Petrodollar System and Israel).  This appeared to go against saving money and fighting less (as it appeared to him) pointless wars.  Nevertheless, I recognised a significant threat to the globalist establishment that had destroyed US manufacturing outsourced to cheap labour zones (to globalist the world is zones not countries with their own culture and values, just zones with aspects favourable or unfavourable to the bottom line).  He also called the Climate Change hoax out for what it is.  He also took swipes at the media, the MSM who have been propping up the establishment and ruining everyone who tells the truth about war as far as their powers will allow.

So if you casually scroll through the topics of this blog you will see that my big 3 broad concerns are  (each with inter-relating subplots)

1) War: The MIC, Pentagon, Saudi Arabia and Israel

2) Economics, Globalist "Free" Trade for shipping your Chinese made goods back home for the people whose jobs they outsourced to somehow buy back.

3) Internationalisation of sovereign energy policies and carbon taxes using the Climate Change hoax. Open Borders for a one world govt, Tade and currency unions.

4) The MSM or legacy media.

So Trump failed my first criteria, the most important, and passed the other three.  That was pretty good going and, perhaps naively, I wrote this on Nov 9th 2016:
"A Trump Victory, another nail in the globalist coffin."

Time has passed and Trump has delivered on some and not delivered on others.  In his defence, he has been consistent on energy policies, Trade and his justified attacks on the presstitute media which he rightfully sees CNN as the worst of the worst.  I admired him for taking the heat on relations with Russia (who foiled the globalist complete control of the middle east by thwarting the US regime change in Syria)  and he has since flip-flopped which is understandable because he was facing a lot of heat, I just wish he would work out its the MIC that mainly was behind that because you can't sell weapons with no enemy.

Where he fails is category 1 which is a much more problematic topic and Trump does not realise one thing: HE HAS BECOME A GLOBALIST!  I don't mean what the MSM falsely accuse him of which is having international business interests everywhere, its a free world and people against globalization have no problem with that, you become a globalist ONLY WHEN YOU START USING FORCE TO INTERFERE/TAKE FROM/USURP/IDEOLOGICALLY NURTURE places and people of various parts of the world because you have an interest in either exploiting them as a market, covet their resources or strategic positioning or you have some sort of ideological belief system that they are not conforming to by practising their own religion/culture/self-determination.  The latest case in point is Venezuela, but I started souring on Trump before that, last year I wrote this in May:

What I'm trying to demonstrate is fair and balanced coverage.  I regularly get challenged as a non-partisan by the left and the right, both of whom imply I have Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Logic tells me that both camps cant be right, unless Trump derangement syndrome affects BOTH SIDES, then logically either both sides suffer from it, or I suffer from it but am the first person to ever suffer from it where it reverses its polarity to cause alternating deranged unconditional support for Trump, then it Flips a while later to  manifest as deranged unconditional attack on Trump.....

Which would you say is the most likely?

My Facebook page is in the Public domain, all my posts are public and provocative.  This is not by accident, I want every post I make to be referenced if needed and every blog post where I state my position accessible since so many hacks accuse me of inconsistencies I can thereby refute.  This is not just because I'm a big wanker who always has to be right, but when issues are important to you, and it is ourselves that are furthering our own cause, our record of consistency and our credibility need to able to be established in cases where they are called into question.

I have posted 13 favourable posts regarding Trump this year and 29 criticisms. I refer to posts not comments.  If you are not on Facebook there are equivalencies on other platforms. Its only February, go back and do the same check on your own timeline.  How many times did you attack/defend Trump?  Trust the empirical data.  Psychological conditions are difficult to self-analyse so this is how we keep ourselves in check.

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