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Another One Bites The Dust. Finland Loses Its Ongoing Struggle For Sovereignty To NATO Influence.

When it comes to the spread of NATO influence as covered in the media, the focus is usually on Eastern Europe with regard to the counterweight issue with Russia, which is understandable.  Even Alt media seldom covers NATO beyond this overt military context and perhaps focusses on pivot points like Turkey due to the impact they have. This is the fundamental purpose of NATO's existence and self-perpetuation. I have no issues with any of this but I have found the struggles in the Scandinavian areas more interesting because of the way the ideology of NATO has been assimilated and permeated every aspect of life there.  We all know about Julian Assange's battle with Swedish courts who were acting as NATO stooges (and ultimately there were NO CHARGES). Although, if you look throughout the region it is not always so clear, even for the people living there.  Take Finland for example. Parliamentary elections were held on 14 April 2019. It is a much more nuanced battle over (what is presented on the surface as) ideology mixed with issues through various filters that has gotten so fuzzy that   I certainly can't trust the English language MSM. if I translate any of their media I am often fooled or not able to detect who stands for what because half the time I am not sure everyone in their political class actually understands where their own convictions end and their inherited NATO perspectives begin.  I am not the best person to parse out these issues so I will copy and paste the words of Jon Hellevig who has a clear angle on this issue.

"I am shocked and embarrassed for the totally fraudulent parliamentary elections in Finland held last Sunday. Having served as an international elections observer in Russia and Lugansk People's Republic, I know how elections are conducted according to the highest international standards in free countries. Therefore I was so appalled at the enormous level of election fraud in Finland.
Everything stank from the very beginning. The government propaganda agency had given orders to the media to cover favourably the establishment parties, to give the impression that one of them supposedly was the opposition and hack down at or ignore the real opposition. The real parliamentary opposition party was banned from official television debates and censored from the news. There was censorship and propaganda. Opposition candidates were harassed with fabricated criminal charges. The government colluded with foreign tech companies to remove opposition candidates from Facebook and Twitter. And everything culminated in a fraudulent vote count. First time in history, the absentee ballots, which make up half of the total, were not counted and announced when the polls closed, but only at midnight, obviously in order to adjust them for the desired result. Also, the rejected ballots reached an all-time high, more than 1% of the total.
Finnish democracy is dead and the country has been placed under pro-Nato operatives."

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