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The SAFIRE PROJECT: Re-imagining the interstellar medium

The latest mm observations of hi-tech telescopes in space, The Herschel Observatory and the Planck Telescope have served as nothing more than a death blow to the outdated model of the universe which has gravity as its only tool in a dead universe.  The forefront of an entirely new scientific paradigm is emerging that encompasses gravity (and seeks to better understand both mass and gravity) with the vibrant electrodynamics of electricity and magnetism.  I suggest reading my previous post:

The electrodynamic model, already patented as "The Electric Universe" by The Thunderbolts Project, provides regular updates, corrections, speculations, theories, hypothesis and newly established facts in its series "Space News" which  can be found on YouTube and is by far and away the best channel for avoiding the dogma of the outdated scientific establishment seeking to justify its grant funding of multibillion-dollar/euro CERN supercolliders and arrays in various locations.  Not surprisingly, they cover the scientific project that is surely the most important project on earth, The SAFIRE PROJECT which seeks to empirically quantify and record all the data revealed by those aspects of a new understanding of the electrodynamics of space which are scalable in laboratory conditions.  This data can then be mined as we go forward with all the observations the existing and future space telescopes send in, as well as all the space missions which constantly reveal "impossible observations" (usually explainable simply and elegantly by electrodynamics).

I chose the below presentation not only because its fascinating, but because it takes a rare philosophical take on its body of work, the recently proven interstellar medium and reasons for the desperation to cling onto the standard cosmological model which has reached the zenith of its explanatory powers as it regresses into obsoletion,  The description of life should not be restricted to chemical systems, but to electric systems as well.

For a reminder of the history and current status of the SAFIRE PROJECT here is their 2018 report below.  I will post their 2019 report which will include 4 new papers in around July/August this year.

Electric Universe - United KingdomInternational Conference & Symposium
7th - 11th July 2018, Somerset, UK
Dr. Michael Clarage talks about his work with SAFIRE from a more philosophical perspective – what an empiricist might ponder outside the lab.
He offers some intriguing if not startling observations about the astronomical and the biological, the dead and the living universe.

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see: for project history and details

also see: for additional talks by Wal Thornhill & Don Scott and others.

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